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MAC Jeanius Swatches

The MAC Jeanius Collection is inspired by denim and has four great eye shadow shades. The MAC Jeanius limited edition shadows are oversized and well pigmented shades. When I made my MAC Jeanius swatches, I found that the two darker shades were particularly well pigmented, even for MAC, which always tend to be good in that department.  The packaging is particularly attractive in this collection as well.

MAC Jeanius Collection
MAC Jeanius

Below are the MAC Jeanius eyeshadow  swatches. From left to right: Stovepipe Black, Motorhead, Diva in Distress, and White Jeanius. The two lighter shades really are not done justice by the photo. They have a luminosity that doesn’t quite show up.

MAC Jeanius Swatches

The MAC Jeanius Collection also includes new limited edition shades of lipstick, lipglass, powder blush, penultimate eyeliner, and two nail lacquers. I will put up swatches of the Jeanius nail polish later this week.

MAC Jeanius will be available from early March through early April, 2011.

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