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Make Up For Brown Eyes

Make up is essential for perfecting any look. Choosing eye shadow colors, mascara and eyeliner that complement the color of the eye is crucial. Brown eyes are very versatile, so make up for brown eyes range in many different colors and schemes. Light colors will make the eyes stand out, as well as metallic colors. Deep natural colors will accentuate the eyes. It is always important to experiment with different color combinations. Brown eyes come in many shades and tones. Trying out a variety of colors, mattes and metallic shadows will allow one to decide which combination they enjoy best.

Kat Von D eyeshadow

Selecting make up for brown eyes can be difficult at first. It is important to note the hue of the iris. Some browns may lean toward a golden color, while others have a deep red tint. Sephora offers an eye shadow palette that will work with any shade of brown: The Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Ludwig (above). These natural colors are perfect for any occasion. The metallic bronze and gold shadows will help golden hued brown eyes stand out while the matte brown and metallic green will bring out red tones.

Lancome Hypnose custom volume mascara

Black, dark brown and navy blue mascaras complement brown eyes. When going for a natural look, dark brown is the best choice. The brown will help define the eyes in a natural way. Black and navy mascara are supplementary to adventurous styles of eye shadow. When black is applied with lighter toned eye shadow, the eyes will stand out. It is important to experiment with mascara colors; it may take several combinations to find the perfect match. Again, Sephora.com provides the ultimate mascara selection.  Lancome HYPNÔSE – Custom Volume Mascara is available in all three shades mentioned above. They are titled “Black”, “Brown” and “Deep Black”. The “Deep Black” shade is similar to navy. This mascara product offers volume without clumping or a “bulky” look.

Lancome eyeliner

Choosing eye liner depends on the intended style of make up. Brown eyes with dark, natural tones of eye shadow will work well with a brown or taupe eye liner. For a bold look, black eye liner can be used. Black will make the eyes “pop”, especially when paired with light metallic colors. Sephora.com sells Lancome LE CRAYON KHÔL – Smoky EyeLiner, the “Black Coffee” and “Black Ebony” pencils will work perfectly with brown eyes. These specific pencils are soft, allowing smudging for a blended look.

Overall, brown eyes are great to work with. Finding make up for brown eyes is easy, and after a few experimental runs, any brown-eyed person will have their perfect look.

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