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MAC Fashion Flower Swatches

The MAC Fashion Flower Collection contains a number of brightly colored shadows inspired by spring floral blossoms. For lip product swatches, head on over to my post on Girl Gloss: MAC Fashion Flower Lipstick Swatches.

In the eye shadows, I particularly like the lighter shades in the fashion flower collection, which includes a beautiful matte light aqua blue and a luminous lime green that really shines.  Matte coral pink and gray shades are also interesting, as is a frosty white/yellow shade, that appears mostly white. The disappointment for me was a hunter green shade that looks luminous and beautiful in the pot, but appears black and not so luminous on the skin.

Below are Fashion Flower eye shadow swatches. Since the sun hasn’t come out here in a week, these are taken in indoor light with a flash. But I think that the swatch is very true to color. From left to right: Fresh Daisy, Aqua , Lucky Green, Free to Be,  Groundcover, and  Bows & Curtseys.

MAC Fashion Flower swatches

Also included in the collection are two beauty powders. Both are very light and sheer. I was packing on the color when I did the powder swatches, but it still is rather hard to see. Below are the swatches of the beauty powders form the MAC Fashion Flower collection. From left to right: Alpha girl and Light Sunshine.

MAC Fashion Flower Swatch

The M.A.C. Fashion Flower Collection is listed as being on counter on May 5, 2011. Often new MAC Cosmetics collections show up online slightly before their listed dates.

Disclosure: This post is based on products provided to me by a representative of the company.  for more, please see the disclosure page.

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