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Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? Book Review

One of the long standing and particularly informative beauty blogs is The Beauty Brains. Now the authors of that site have a paperback book: Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm. Aside from the title question of is lip balm addictive? (link is to my previous exploration of that topic on Girl Gloss), the book answers all sorts of interesting beauty questions dealing with hair care, skin care, makeup, the beauty industry, and perilous products.

Can you get hooked on lip balm?

Here is a random sampling of topics and questions answered by the book:

  • Do Curling Shampoos Really Work?
  • Is Baby Shampoo Good For Adult Hair?
  • Can Skin Creams Cause Cancer?
  • Do Dryer Sheets Cause Acne?
  • Top Five Causes of Darkened Armpits
  • Do Lip Plumpers Really Work?
  • Five Ways to Ruin Your Fingernails
  • Can Perfume Make You Thinner?
  • How Salon Brands Get Away With Lying to You
  • The Perils of Parabens

Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? is a relatively quick read, but it is packed with information. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t imagine anyone reading this and not learning something interesting that they did not know—or even a whole lot of new information. At $14.30, it is a pretty good deal too.

Buy Can You  Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

Disclosure: This review is based on a book provided to me by a representative of the authors/publisher.

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