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MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Photos and Review

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Collection Swatches
The MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Collection. Designed by Beauty Bloggers.

The MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions collection consists of  four eyeshadows and five lipglasses designed by fellow beauty bloggers who pitched their design ideas to MAC. Out of around 80 pitches, 9 were chosen. I  pitched a design that I admit was quickly made, so I never had high hopes of being included. I am happy to see some very familiar names among the beauty bloggers who were chosen though. I also think that their designs rock!

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions collection review
MAC Products Designed By Beauty Bloggers

Pictured left to right above are the shades Evolution Revolution, Caqi, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious 2046, All of My Purple Life,  Parisian Skies, Hocus Pocus, Sparkle Neely Sparkle, and Jealousy Wakes.

I think this collection is solid all the way around and I like everything in it, but I can’t afford to buy it all. So, based on the Bloggers’ Obsessions swatches and pictures provided by MAC, I lean toward purchasing Parisian Skies and Hocus Pocus. Both are great shades for creating a cool smoky eye look. In the lipglass shades, I particularly like  the shade Caqui (love that name too!) and I might also get Sonoran Rain. I don’t have my own swatches of these, as MAC is not sending out many samples to bloggers of this collection like they sometimes do with others. When I make a purchase though I will swatch what I buy.

Below are the shade names, designer, and blog  information for the MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection:

MAC Bloggers Obsessions Eyeshadow shades

MAC Bloggers Lip Shades

The Bloggers’ collection will be on sale starting June 21, 2011, only at maccosmetics.com.

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