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The Best Sunless Tanners

A Review of the Best Sunless Tanners

Sporting a great tan makes you feel more attractive. Your legs and arms will look great, as well as all of your favorite outfits. However, getting that marvelous tan isn’t always the healthiest option. It’s a well-documented fact that damage from the sun will cause your skin to age prematurely and can also cause cancer. Luckily there are sunless tanners that will give you that awesome tan look, without any of the risks involved with soaking up too much sun.

Nordstrom offers an amazing selection of sunless tanners, including many that are rated with 5 stars by consumers.

Clarins Self Tanner

Clarins sunless tanner

Clarins ‘Radiance-Plus’ Golden Glow Body Lotion provides rich hydration with a bit of color, giving the skin a natural, healthy glow. The lotion contains microscopic mother-of-pearl particles that give the skin a light, golden shade. Fresh botanicals will leave the skin as smooth as silk and feeling healthy and smooth. Great for year-round use, it can be used for all skin tones. The lotion smells good and the subtle color in this self tanning lotion will not create streaks or darker patches.

Estee Lauder Sunless Tanning

Estee Lauder self tanner

One of the best sunless tanners is offered by Estee Lauder. The ‘Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection’ self tanning lotion for the face will extend that natural tan to the sensitive skin on your face. You can protect yourself from the damage of the sun while enjoying a tan that extends from your body to your face. The special formula is designed for the sensitive skin on the face and won’t cause acne. Fast acting, the color will begin to show in as little as one hour. The color deepens as it’s used, so you are sure to get the perfect shade. Use it in the evening after your face is washed for a sun-kissed look in the morning.

Top rated sunless tanners are also available from Estee Lauder for the body. The ‘Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection’ Tinted Self-Tanning Gelee for the Body allows you to get the perfect shade on the rest of your body. The application is smooth and the bronze shimmer will deepen each time you use this gel. The scent is reminiscent of the beach and perfect for warm weather. The color is natural so your friends will never suspect you are using fake tanning cream. Because it gradually darkens with use, you are also sure to get the exact shade you are looking for.

Lancome Sunless Tanner

Lancome Tanning Lotion

Lancôme Flash Bronzer uses natural caramel extract along with light-reflecting micro pearls for a natural look that is beautiful and healthy. The color starts developing within an hour and will last for up to five days. The results are never orange or yellow, but look completely natural. Add additional coats as needed until you have the dark color you love. Easy to use and completely fool-proof, this lotion will give you the tan you love any time of the year. With this lotion, pantyhose will be a thing of the past for you.

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is one of the best self-tanning lotions available. The mousse is light-weight, soft as velvet and incredibly easy to apply. Aloe vera conditions the skin while the color infusion leaves you with a tan that feels as great as it looks. A subtle fragrance is refreshing. This self-tanning lotion is gentle enough to use on the face, neck and chest. It dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait long before putting on your clothes or shoes. You can also see where it is going on as you apply it, so there are never any darker spots or lines. The tan is natural and true, and can be deepened by using the product over a few days. It can even be applied before going to bed at night for a fresh, tanned look in the morning.

Self-tanning lotions allow you to enjoy a sun-kissed look without risking sunburn or having to spend time at the tanning salon. You can wear your favorite summer outfits knowing that you look great with natural, tanned skin. Be sure to wash hands after applying any self-tanner, and allow the tanning lotion time to dry before putting on clothes, shoes or makeup.

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