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Summer Foot Care

Get The Perfect Flip Flop Feet for Summer

Summer Flip Flop Feet

For many people, summertime means showing off their feet in strappy sandals and comfortable flip flops. It can also mean the potential for more foot-related problems. The hot temperatures, dry air and increase in outdoor activities can do serious damage to your feet. There are some extra steps you can take to pamper your feet and keep them healthy and beautiful throughout the summer.

Keep Your Feet Neat and Clean

One of the easiest steps toward achieving flip flop feet is daily washing. Feet sweat more during the summer months, and keeping them clean and dry can prevent moisture-loving bacteria from growing. You can use a scented foot powder to soak up excess moisture as well. Wearing sandals or shoes that have adequate airflow will also keep your feet dry. To prevent your skin from becoming chafed, you should always wear shoes that fit properly.
Many people have problems with dry, cracked skin on the bottoms of their feet. This often worsens in the summer weather, especially in areas of low humidity. You can repair your damaged feet by using Philosophy Soul Owner Foot Cream from Nordstrom. This powerful moisturizing cream softens skin and reduces roughness.

Smooth Calluses

Summer feet do a lot of walking. Many people go barefoot in the warm weather. This can create blisters and calluses on the feet. The Dr Scholl’s Callus Reducer is a great tool for easily removing calluses and rough skin with no mess or irritation. You can also use Exuviance heel repair cream to smooth calluses and heal blisters. Vitamin E and other foot-friendly nutrients in the cream condition skin and gently exfoliate rough patches.

Use Foot Refreshing Lotions and Gels

Summertime activities can cause your feet to become sore, tired, and achy. You can refresh your weary feet by using peppermint-based lotions and gels. One of the best foot refreshers is Bliss Foot Patrol, which contains peppermint oil to revitalize feet. It is also rich in aloe which keeps skin silky soft.

Get a Pedicure

While basic foot care is important, it is not the only essential to having beach-worthy feet. Your toes are the most noticeable part of your feet, and they need extra attention during the summer. Dirt, chlorine and exposure to the elements can cause toenails to look unhealthy. The Sephora French Tips & Toes Manicure Pen can keep your toes looking pristine all summer long.

Sephora Manicure Pen

It is not difficult or time-consuming to take care of feet in the summertime. If you want to have silky skin and toes that sparkle, follow these basic steps daily. Creating a beauty regimen to spoil yourself and your feet can make a significant difference. Your feet will be healthy, feel energized and look beautiful for the entire summer. Take care of your feet now, and you will be flip flop ready in very little time.

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