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Look Slim With Layers, Prints, and Fashion Accessories

Guest Post: Look Slim with Layers, Prints and Fashion Accessories

If the diet isn’t going to plan or there isn’t enough time to reach your ideal weight before the big event don’t give up just yet. Carry on the good work but turn to plan B for some instant tricks to flatter your shape. Here’s five fab tips on how to shrink yourself slim with busy prints, big handbags, bold jewelry and nifty footwear.

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Grab a Supersize Handbag

Ditch the dainty clutch bag and go for an oversized handbag and still stay the centre of attention. Nothing says more about your style personality than a luxe handbag. Think Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy for 1950’s fashion inspiration and monster size handbags. Princess Grace of Monaco made famous the big bag look when she was seen carrying a  large tote to conceal her pregnancy. The Hermes Kelly Handbag was named after her and still has the longest waiting list in the world!

The luxury looking tote is still as popular today as back then and guaranteed to make you the envy of them all. Investing in a classic accessory will appeal to chic and stylish women who know how to tap into their inner style guru. Clever positioning of a super size bag can camouflage any trouble spots making you feel more confident with your appearance. However, holding a small purse-like bag will have the reverse effect.

Lay on the Layers

Accentuate your assets with softly draped layers, loose fitting kimonos, jersey cardigans and sheer over blouses. Slim your body and wear layers over a pair of slinky tailored trousers for a smoother silhouette. Wearing layers doesn’t mean adding bulk, work the latest sheer trend for some slim busting styles. For special occasions and daytime events like weddings try an elegant waterfall jacket over a bias cut dress or floaty skirt.

Delicate fabrics, chiffon and lightweight georgette are perfect for a summer wardrobe. Discover how to streamline your figure for the best look on the beach. A demi sheer sarong over a flower print swimsuit is a chic way to cover up and will get you from poolside to bar in true style.

Divert the Eye with Punchy Prints

Dress yourself slim in eye-catching prints, look leggy in the latest maxis or flash your booty in rainbow brights. A touch of style wizardry works wonders for a womanly shape. Curves in all the right places, long and lean looks plus a flattering derriere is yours with the right outfit for your shape. A medley of floral delights, graphic and paisley prints is a sure way to divert the eye and brighten your look.

Black has always been known for its slimming qualities but head to toe in black is not for everyone. Instead opt for a mix of prints and black, wearing the darker shade at your heaviest part. Focus on your best bits and use catwalk trends of dazzling prints and vibrant pops of colour to your advantage.

Walk Tall in Strappy Shoes

Create the perfect long legged look and trim down in a pair of strappy high heels. If you struggle in heels keep your balance in the latest wedge shoes or platforms to give you extra height without the wobble. It’s not always heel height that makes you appear thinner, the shape of the heel and straps have a lot to say too.  Different features work in various ways which can accentuate a trim ankle or lengthen the leg.

A low fronted shoe and T-bar elongates the leg and shows off a slender ankle whereas ankle straps do no favours for a thicker ankle. The ankle strap cuts off the leg and draws the eye to the least flattering part of the leg. Whereas sling-backs with a narrow heel as high as your comfort level will go, is a winning style that works well for most people.

Make Accessories Work for You

In addition to shoes and bags other key items can be used to trim your appearance and balance your proportions. Accessories are a great way to update a look and can be used to introduce colour and shape to your wardrobe. Belts, scarves, hats and jewelry all have their part to play in the slimming game.

Belts worn cleverly can help add shape where needed and also balance the upper and lower body’s appearance. Wide statement belts can be worn low to give the illusion of a longer body and petite frames can use the same trick but with narrower belts. Wear large earrings to draw the eye to your face and long layered chains and necklaces to give the body a leaner line alternatively try a long scarf tied loosely around the neck to make your body appear taller.

Remember, no matter how long it takes to lose those pounds you can still look great by dressing yourself slim with clever use of fashion and accessories.

Sally Cooke writes for Mother of the Bride Outfits and has a keen interest in ladies fashion and helping ladies choose what to wear to a wedding or other special occasion event.

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