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Maybelline Eye Studio Swatches

I picked up a couple of Maybelline EyeStudio Baked Eye Shadow Duos to swatch and review because I thought they looked  interesting and I had a coupon. I am a sucker for makeup coupons! Anyway, both ended up to be rather nice shades and better pigmented than I expected them to be. You see, I haven’t always had much luck with Maybelline for eye shadow,  so I didn’t have high expectations. But these left me rather pleased! The colors were pretty and the two shades in each duo also blend together nicely for a third shade.

Maybelline Eye Studio Duo Maybelline Baked Eye Shadow

Below are swatches of the two shades that I bought. First up is Tantalizing Teal. From left to right, the two individual shades are shown first, followed by a blend of the two.

Maybelline EyeStudio Swatches

Next are Silver Starlet swatches. Again, the two individual shades are swatched first, then the two are combined. The blue/gray in this one is particularly luminous. I’m a fan!

Maybelline Eye Studio Swatches

I tried silver starlet when I went out one evening and it wore pretty well. So, as far as drugstore makeup goes, this is a pretty decent eye shadow  in my opinion. You can find it at just about any drugstore or big box retailer, or online at drugstore.com.

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