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Summer Hair Trends

Summer Hair Cuts For 2011

The summer hair trends for 2011 are a throwback to the rich colors and cuts of the ’80s. Big hair, ponytails on the side and hair bows are all back in style this year. Dramatic pastel colored chunks will also be prevalent. Creativity and fun are on the forefront this summer. Hairstyles are becoming less neat and more casual and free. The focus is on volume and natural movement. Layers create a natural look. The hair is un-styled and free moving. Not really much curl, but many tousled waves. Crops are also a strong contender with their short unrestricted lengths that add bounce and texture to the hair. Stay away from a solid crop and try a broken edge crop. Use the flow of your hair as the guide.

Summer Hair 2011

Another popular summer hair style is the fringe cut. Depending on your style choice, it can add elegance or even make a strong statement. There are variations to the fringe cut. Find one that will help accentuate your facial bone structure and that suits your personality. It doesn’t matter whether it is choppy edges, strong lines or soft fringes, they will all be hot this summer. There are fringe cuts for long hair and mid-length hair. Even bold spiky fringes and pixie cuts are on the top of the list this summer. Have fun, be sexy and be yourself.

Lively and asymmetrical are what is hot for summer hair 2011. Traditional vibrant and bright highlights from the past, including platinum blond and strawberry hues are predicted to shine in the summer sun. The classic bob has also returned this summer. It incorporates sharp lines and curves. Asymmetry is a nice change- raise the back, make one side longer, and even lower the front. You have the option of sticking to one length, mixing lengths gradually or adding volume using layers. This cut can be tailored to your face. Use wisps to soften it or comb it back.

If you are looking for a hip new summer hair style, consider a new color. Red color options are considered to be wilder, brighter and lots of fun for summer hair 2011. Ranging from punkish strawberry blonde to a flaming crimson color all the variations of red are stylish this summer. Paul Cucinello, who is a color expert at the Chris Chase Salon in NYC, says, “The new reds are very flattering because they add richness and depth to your color”. Halyley Williams, Florence Welch and Rihanna are all sporting radical red hues this summer.

The summer hair 2011 trends seem diverse, fun and sexy. Why not decide to just “take the plunge” and try on one of these flirty summer hair trends today.

Taking Care of Your Summer Hair (Beat the Summer Frizz)

To beat the effects of heat and humidity and to  restore and revitalize your hair. Consider purchasing Sebastian Potion 9. It will leave your hair with renewed radiance. This highly rated product is a great leave in conditioner and comes in 5ox bottles.

To help calm the “frizz” nightmare of curly hair try Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Calming Creme. It will soften and smooth those tight curls and help eradicate that frizzed look.

T3 Flat Iron

A T3 SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron is an award winning T3 flat iron that is used for shaping and smoothing hair. This iron will perfectly maintain the temperature selected for a high-speed, effortless styling experience. This iron produces long lasting shiny and smooth results. TheT3 technology only uses the best quality Tourmaline gems that will emit ionic infrared heat to reduce static electricity and help seal in moisture to ensure a healthy, frizz-free styling experience. This iron has beveled edges and a curved body to allow you to add body, curls, flips and shape while straightening your hair.

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