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Fashion Trends For Fall 2011

fall 2011 fashion

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Some of fall’s puffer jackets, blazers and sweaters have silhouettes whittled in at the waist, affording you the ability to show off your beautiful silhouette, even when you are wearing layers.

Cozy sweaters and maxi skirt combo is the low-key, ueber-comfy outfit that many designers recommend trying.

The sexiest fall party outfit is a long-sleeve top paired with a long skirt designed for easy walking and flaunting of your gorgeous long legs via a sexy front slit.

Day dresses inspired by the ‘70s were seen time and time again on the runway. Mid length skirts paired with long, blousy sleeves brought back the wardrobe from the movie 9 to 5.

Chunky sweaters on top of gauzy skirts are the craze this fall. This ultra cute combo is wearable all year round.

Trendy Colors for Fall 2011

This fall will be like a Spice Bazaar with colors similar to the leaves on the trees as they turn prior to falling elegantly to the earth. We will see lots of deep, rich colors like paprika, curry and nutmeg complementing golden browns and mustards. This fall 2011 palette embraces a multitude of red and yellow undertones.

A strong presence this fall will be the rich, intense colors of berries and fruit, such as plum, cranberry, arils of the pomegranate, blackberry, raspberry reds and amazing orange/red persimmons.

During the spring and summer of 2011 we saw blues and sea greens. Fall’s palette is not only darker, but also more dramatic. The palette has been greatly influenced by the hues of the forest. This means all variations of green; teal, jade, indigo, sage and hunter. Every skin tone should find something flattering in the hues of the forest.

Last year we saw camel for outerwear, the fall 2011 hue has been turned down to a darker, fall-like rust color. It isn’t aged; instead, it encourages you to toss a handful of leaves above your head in remembrance of your childhood.

Be sure to consider the undertone of your clothing this fall. If you wear soft lace and sheer fabrics, dimension will be added to the color being worn.

When creating a monotone look with the footwear and leg colors, you will look leaner as well as longer.

The basics this fall are charcoal and gray. The camel hue continues and brown is also important this season. Those with skin tones of spring and autumn will be breathtaking in the browns, while the summer and winter skin tones will make a statement with the grays.

To liven up your wardrobe consider adding bright accessories. These accessories could be a bag, hat or scarf. You may choose to add one item full of life to become the focal point of your outfit. Always be sure to maintain balance because adding a multitude of vivid color only works in the summer, not in the fall.

Midnight blue is a perfect choice for any event or just hanging out. Neutral colors are fashionable no matter what and designers never tire of using neutral hues to create amazing fashion. That is because neutrals are extremely versatile and can easily combine with other neutral or bright pieces. Black would be considered the greatest neutral because of its slimming qualities and elegance. Black is never a mistake.

Prints, Prints and More Prints

Prints are playing a significant role this fall. If looking for safety concerning the use of prints, combine monotone items with the print. If you are secure with your styling skills, consider coordinating various prints in one look.

Plaid is a timeless print that can be updated using modern colors. If you aren’t into the timeless prints, you might like statement prints that are vivid, bold and unexpected.

Polka Dots are hot this fall. If you aren’t interested in a patterned look from head to toe, be playful with a polka dotted scarf or blouse.

Camouflage inspired styles similar to the attire seen on the Daryl K and Victoria Beckham runways are just as trendy as the plaids, polka dots and art nouveau swirls. Perfect for urban adventure!


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