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Self-Made Hair Care The Green Way

Combining money management and thinking ‘green,’ you can replace several beauty products that can certainly drain any pocketbook with natural items that you either already have around your house or that you can easily make. Save money, protect the environment and still look great!

diy hair care

You’ve chosen your outfit for the Big Date tonight. You start getting ready, and then you find that you are out of your favorite hair conditioner. You don’t have time to get dressed, start the car, buzz down to the store, find the product, pay for it, return home and get back in the shower. on’Dt cancel your date. There’s hope. Just grab a robe and head to the kitchen.

Vegetable oil—preferably either sunflower or saffron oil of the organic
variety—can not only leave your hair shiny and soft, it can also better remove the micro germs and bacteria that can cause the skin on your scalp to dry out, called dandruff, by the way, some types of hair loss and scalp irritation.

The key is to use just enough oil and not overdo it. Take a small amount of vegetable oil and rub gently into the scalp with your finger tips. Comb through all the strands in your hair to evenly distribute the oil from scalp to end, then wrap your hair in a moist towel and leave it for at least an hour, longer if possible. Then shampoo
your hair as usual. Really.

It’s not recommended, however, that you use kitchen oil that is not vegetable-based. Lard, for example, contains elements that can be difficult to wash away and can leave your hair drab and heavy. The fat content in the oil you choose should be minimal for this reason. The essence of organic coconut oil is best, but if you just happened to use the last of your year’s supply just the other day, use an organic vegetable oil in its place. Your hair will look terrific, and you just saved a bundle.

Other inexpensive extra-deep conditioning possibilities include a homemade recipe of mayonnaise, eggs, honey or avocado. Or a shot of vodka—on your hair, not in your stomach. Add the vodka to your favorite conditioner, add just a few drops of your best-loved essential oil, spread evenly in your hair and leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing well. The alcohol will adjust the pH level of your hair and close the cuticles while the oil, of course, will leave your hair with a great-looking shine.

If your hair becomes extremely dry in summer heat, and you get fed up with the frizzes, you can calm those for a while simply by redirecting a smidgen of hand lotion. After you use the lotion to soften your hands, don’t wash the rest away yet. Instead, pass your hands over your hair, and the lotion will help control your dried ends that wave to everything and everyone, despite your strictest instructions to the contrary.

If you are worried how this will affect your hair in the long term, simply use a clarifying shampoo weekly; it’s a good idea anyway to remove built-up shampoo and conditioner that can weigh down your hair and make it look dull.


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