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Simple Summer Hair Care Tips to Protect Your Tresses

Carrying for your hair in the summer sounds like it would be simple. After all, it’s the only season where a messy bun is considered acceptable beyond the bedroom, but stepping outside can cause quite the different story. The high tempts, blasts of heat, and UV-rays bring frizz, flatness and a whole lot of damage to your hair. With a few simple summer hair care tips, your locks can take cover from the sun’s rays.



Summer Hair Care

1. Get a moisturizing shampoo. You should mix up your shampoo every few months so your hair doesn’t get too used to one regime. For summer, go with a shampoo specifically targeted to add moisture to your hair. Moisturizer based leave-in conditioners also work well for extra protection.

2. Shop for a SPF Protective Spray. SPF isn’t just in sunscreen and lip balm. This sun fighter can be found in shielding sprays as well to protect your hair from the sun’s rays. Spray a few spritzes before heading out, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Consider putting your hairdryer, straighter and curling iron at bay. It’s a struggle to do, but applying less heat to your morning hair prep routine helps your hair rather than hurting it. If you have to dry your hair, towel dry it for 10 minutes to the point where it’s almost dry. You’ll only have to run your hair dryer for 5 minutes or less, which is a nice heat saver. If you must use your hair straighter, try only straightening the very tips of your hair, but remember less is more!

4. Buy a wide brim hat. There’s no reason why you can’t still look fashionable while breaking up with your beloved hair tools. A straw hat makes for very chic “you can’t touch me Mr. Sun” look.

5. Pick up a silicone-based serum. Silicone is like magic when it comes to fighting frizz. It also strengthens hair cuticles and adds much needed vitamins, giving your hair the nutrients it needs.

These five easy steps should leave your hair feeling back to its regular self. And remember, when out fighting the sun; don’t forget to pack your water.

Jessica Krznarc is the Beauty Editor-in-Chief of MySocialbeauty.com  and helps students find the right cosmetology school and beauty school to acquire their cosmetology license.

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