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Ten Crazy Beauty Treatments to Help Avoid Wrinkles

While some people may think facial treatments alone are exquisite, even facial treatments themselves can get weird. Have you ever imagined coating your face in 24 Karat gold just to make your skin feel rich or enjoying a beer facial to enjoy a more youthful skin appearance? While some of these facials may seem odd and extroverted, they have been shown to impart good characteristics on the skin.

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Caviar Facial
Nothing is better than enjoying the exploitation of fish species through caviar production than to instead of eating it spreading it all over your face. While the thought of baby eggs all over your face may be disgusting to some, it has been shown to reduce wrinkles and leave the skin with a younger appearance.

Chocolate Facial
Wait, isn’t chocolate supposed to cause acne!?! Try a chocolate facial to put this myth to rest. Just make sure not to eat any of it, in case the rumor is true. It is supposed to help purify the skin.

Gold Facial
Of course you can always feel like a million bucks with the 24 karat gold facial. This facial will even make the bank vault guards jealous with its luxurious and quite expensive appeal. It is applied in squares and will leave the skin feeling, and of course looking, like a million bucks.

Page Six Facial
Ever felt like looking like some of the faces on page six of the New York Post? While many might first think they actually use page six of the New York Post for this facial, it’s simply named for the way it leaves people looking after the procedure.

Beer Facial
Last, but certainly not least is the beer facial. The beer facial is a great way to refine the pores and help cleanse the skin. Just don’t use this as an excuse to get drunk.

Green and White Tea Facial
If you like green and white tea then why not have it made into a paste and slathered onto your face? This facial combines the better of two worlds, which is tea and great looking skin. This procedure basically purees the tealeaves into a liquid, allowing for maximal penetration into the pores. It however might be cheaper to do this one yourself, with an upward cost of $180 for this procedure.

Butt Facial
Has your bottom region been feeling saggy and over-aged lately? Well then its time for a very personal and possibly very enjoyable butt facial. These facials are used to remove cellulite and acne from the region, leaving it smooth and attractive.

Cow Stem Cell Facial
With all the facets of stem cell technology, we couldn’t avoid people deciding to slather this all over their faces for a younger appearance. Enjoy some cow stem cells that might cause some religious zealots to turn over in their grave.

Sperm Facial
You haven’t said you’ve done it all until you have gotten a sperm facial. According to a Norwegian beauty company, sperm has a great effect on the skin of the face and is a potent anti-oxidant that is thought to be very effective in reducing wrinkles.

The Nightingale Dropping Special
Ever been walking in the park and then been unexpectedly dive bombed by a bird flying overhead? Well imagine coating your entire face with this unpleasant surprise. Named the nightingale dropping special, the droppings contain an enzyme known as guanine that can leave your face baby bottom smooth.

With all these weird facial treatments I’m sure that you don’t see facials as so extravagant anymore. Try one out, weird doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your skin!

Bethany Brewer is a freelancer writer and a New York native. Some of her work about New York beauty schools has been featured in a few New York beauty publications. When Bethany is not writing, she is spending time with family and friends, offline.

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