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A Detox Diet Diary

The article linked below tracks one author’s week through a detox diet plan. The Detox itself is a one day juice fast, but the program includes a one week prequel that involves a special diet (the Fast Track Detox Diet) with the goal of safely dieting and cleansing. I tend to be highly skeptical of these things and think that a lot of the detox juices and diets that you can purchase very well may be a big scam and waste of money, and perhaps also unsafe. But I have also heard reports from time to time of detox diets and liver cleanses working wonders for melasma, which is a particular concern of mine. This particular detox plan also does intrigue me  since it doesn’t seem to flat out require a lot of expensive purchases and it comes with some pretty good consumer reviews on the various bookstore sites.  With that said, a few reviews also mention additional marketed products and some reviewers did not like the results. So color me intrigued, yet also conflicted.

After reading the author’s diary, I’m not sure that I really want to try this, as the juice fast day did not sound pleasant, but he author saw noticeable results in her skin appearance, especially in regard to sun damaged dark spots, and she has photos to prove it up. She also lost 5 pounds. So, I’m at least considering it.  To learn more and read this interesting diary, click on through below.

I Tried a One-Day Detox — Would You?

We are exposed to toxins all the time, so it is logical that we should periodically cleanse our bodies of those toxins. But which detox diet is the right one? We followed an editor as she tried the Fast Track Detox Diet plan. Read her diary

 One-Day Detox-Diet

This is a TotalBeauty.com diet article


For more information on the diet plan itself, take a look a the book a and consumer reviews on here at Barnes and Nobel. You likely can also find the book and flip through it in the store (something that I plan to do). If you have tried this or another detox plan, please share your experience in the comments!

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