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Choosing The Best Curling Iron

How To Find The Best Curling Iron For You

Curling irons are a hair styling tool used to turn strait hair into curly hair in a short amount of time. Before choosing what people claim to be the best curling iron available, you must know that curling irons come in different shapes and sizes to fit your hair requirements. In the world of curling irons there are two different types: the spring and the marcel.  The spring curling iron is the least expensive of the two and is more suited for the normal person. On the other hand the marcel curling iron is more expensive and is often better suited for professionals.


In recent times, the technology of the actual barrel inside of the curling iron has become popular with options such as teflon, ceramic, and titanium to name a few. The teflon barrel evenly distributes heat across the entire barrel allowing for frizz to be stopped while the ceramic barrel is known for creating silky and shiny hair in the shortest amount of time.

There are different recommendations for the best curling irons that are specific for each individual. For example, for thin hair it is recommended that the individual use a smaller iron; one having around a one inch barrel that allows for hair to be curled the longest. For normal hair, it is recommended to have a one to two inch barrel and for thicker hair it is recommended use a one and a half to two and a half inch barrel. The type of curling iron that an individual should use also has to do with occasion and goal as well. If one is looking to get spiral curls for occasions such as proms and wedding then the 3/4 inch curling iron would do the best job. If one is looking to create loose and curly waves, know as the casual appearance, then a one and one-fourth inch curling iron is recommended. Finally, to attain the most loose curls it is recommended to use a one and a half to two inch curling iron.

The Best Curling Irons

There are many high quality curling irons on the market today, but a few different makes and models stand out among the best. Here are our top five curling irons:

  • The Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron is an excellent curling iron for those who don’t have a large amount of time. The Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron comes in multiple sizes, has a titanium coated barrel, and features temperatures up to 450 degrees, with an extra long cool tip.
  • The Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron comes with superior Mica Technology that allows constant heat to flow from the time to curling iron is turned on and comes with ten different heat settings.
  • The Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Waver is an interesting iron that has three barrels for quickly creating waves. It comes with one of the most powerful spring clamps on the market today. It also comes with variable heating settings and a state of the art titanium barrel aimed to create shiny hair.
  • The Hot Tools Professional Marcel Curling Iron is made for professionals with ten unique heat settings. The marcel on some versions also includes a 24 K gold plated barrel for elegance and efficiency.
  • The Cricket 7000 Series Curling Iron comes with ten specific settings for any hair types. This model also includes a ceramic coated barrel that is used to produce the shiniest hair possible.

It is important to look at curling iron reviews before making any purchases. You can see a great top ten list and specific consumer reviews here at Folica.com: Top 10 Curling Irons. It is evident that specific irons are tailored for specific types of hair. Before buying any curling irons, ask yourself what type of hair you have and what your goals are for the curling iron and go from there.

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