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Keeping a Fresh Face and Look During Air Travel

Just because you’re on a plane doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your face!

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Suppose you are traveling to China, you have your passport, your China visa, and tons of space on your camera for photos packed and ready.  You have your magazines, guide books and walking shoes ready to go, and you could easily spend 20 hours traveling to get there from the time you leave your house.   By the time you get there, your face is probably not in the condition it was when you left.

I always remember the scene in Sex in the City when Carrie Bradshaw is on a plane toParisto meet her fiancé where she is going to fall in love and get married.  She wore an amazing gown and had everything perfect so that his first impression of her would be amazing.  In the movies you can have perfect makeup and skin that lasts a long flight, but in the real world you don’t always get to arrive looking like that because you usually check all of your creams and soaps and you just don’t feel like digging through your bags to find it at the airport.  Fortunately for you, there are some things that you can do ahead of time to prepare for the long flight and be able to get off the plane looking and feeling amazing.

Find small travel sized containers.

Buy smaller containers that meet the airline guidelines for liquids and carry on containers.  You can find them cheap at Amazon.  Then take your eye cream, wrinkle reducer and possibly a face mask and load a single use into each of the mini containers.  You may also want to replace the eye cream or wrinkle reducer with your favorite exfoliating or deep cleaning face wash.  Now, when you are about an hour away from landing, buy a couple of bottles of water from the flight attendant and also remember to pack a small wash cloth.  By doing this you can use the restroom to not only deep clean your face, but also apply a mask and have your skin looking incredible.  You don’t want to hog the bathroom however so you could also do this from your chair if you are not to self conscious.

Bring travel sized versions of your makeup.

You will want to practice your make up with smaller pencils and containers at home, but once you are done cleaning your face off, you can now apply your make up.  You have to be extremely cautious though as planes can be bumpy and if you are doing your eyes you do not want to stab your eye with a pencil or smear anything.  It is a risky thing to do that could hurt you so please be careful if you decide to do makeup up on a plane.

Cologneand Perfume.

Take one last small container and pour some of your favorite cologne or perfume into it.  You could also go to a department store and ask for a sample of it.  Once you get off of the plane so you do not disturb anyone around you, apply a little bit to your wrists and neck or wherever you want to use it.  That way you also smell amazing when you meet your friends or family getting off the plane or leaving the airport.

Just because you are taking a long trip does not mean that you have to sacrifice your looks.  If you are meeting your significant other or someone you want to impress, as long as your carryons are within the airline and FAA guidelines, there is no reason you cannot walk off the plane looking amazing.


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