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Why Lancome Bi-Facil Is The Best Makeup Remover Ever

Lancome Bi-Facil is flat out the best eye makeup remover ever. Actually, lets make that the best all around makeup remover ever. Here is why. See this cute corgi dog?

cute corgi

That is Eve. She is a sweetheart. Except when she is stealing and eating my lipstick! I should have gotten a photo, but imagine the above cute corgi with bright pink (very bright pink) lipstick all over her mouth, paws and my carpet. The cream colored carpet — the dog wouldn’t eat the lipstick on the old patterned rug now would she?

Enter Lancome Bi-Facil. After cleaning the dog and googling up whether lipstick would harm her (turns out she ate a totally non-toxic brand and she never did have any complications, not even pink poop) I went to work on the carpet. Carpet cleaner wouldn’t get out the lipstick and various cleaning wipes failed as well. Then it hit me – Lancome Bi-Facil has always removed any and all traces of any sort of makeup for me in one swipe. I use it to remove makeup swatches of all sorts from my arms all the time. The stuff is simply incredible and there is nothing that it won’t easily remove. Not that I have come across anyway. So, I went and grabbed my bottle of Bi-Facil, dumped some of it (probably more than I needed) onto the lipstick stained carpet and started to rub at it with a damp paper towel. The Bi-Facil cleaned it right off!

lancom bi-facil

So, given that my husband would surely have freaked over pink lipstick all over the carpet, it was Lancome to the rescue on this one! However, I don’t recommend using Bi-Facil as your regular carpet cleaner. It would make for a rather expensive cleaning product. But this does illustrate just what a great makeup remover it is! It really is the absolute best makeup remover that you can get in my opinion.

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