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The Best Way to Achieve Salon Quality Curls in the Comfort of Your Home

I have always been extremely jealous of those ladies lucky enough to be born with a head full of natural, ringlet curls and I have tried many different methods over the years in an attempt to transform my poker straight locks into this aesthetic. My mother would help me to pin curl my hair when I was younger but this was short lived due to the uncomfortable, sleepless nights which go hand in hand with this method. Granny style rollers can work but often, I find that these fall out during the night. These are often really rather ugly too – I want to look young and hip at all times, even when I am snoozing!

Thankfully however, I have discovered a funky hair curling tool which is just perfect for creating curls that are so beautifully defined that they would come with a very high price tag should they have been acquired within the walls of a beauty/hair salon – Curlformers. I just have to tell fellow beauty aficionados about these great hair curlers, which best of all are incredibly comfortable to sleep in!

What are Curlformers?

Curlformers are revolutionary in the realm of hair curling for they use no heat whatsoever to create curls. Curlformers are available in four varieties:

  • Short and Wide;
  • Short and Narrow;
  • Long and Wide and
  • Long and Narrow.

This means that a variety of curly hair styles can be achieved on different lengths of hair. Tight ringlet curls are achieved with the ‘narrow’ kits whilst looser, more natural looking curls are created with the ‘wide’ kits (packs can be mixed and matched as required).

Each Curlformers kit contains curling tubes (in which you insert sections of hair) in two different, bright colours – one colour creates clockwise curls, the other anti-clockwise. An application hook is also provided to make affixing the curlers to the hair as simple a task as possible…and applying Curlformers really is easy!

The Application Process

  • Shampoo and condition the hair as you normally would and towel dry.
  • Split the hair into four sections and clip three of these out of the way until later.
  • Feed a Curlformers tube onto the styling hook provided.
  • Separate a piece of hair from the unclipped section created earlier in the process. Twist it by a quarter near to the scalp (this will make it easier to get the Curlformers styling hook around).
  • With the head of the styling hook hooked around the twisted hair section and the tip of the hook’s handle pointing upwards, gently squeeze the end of the tube nearest to the scalp to allow you to draw the hook back through the curling tube – you’re hair should now be contained within the self-spiralling tube.
  • Apply the rest of the Curlformers to your hair in this way and leave to dry naturally…soon you’ll have a beautiful head of salon perfect curls!

I may have made the process sound a little more difficult than it really is and so a visual tutorial may help you to make clearer sense of the process:

Removing the tubes from the hair is also easy – simply squeeze the end of the Curlformer closest to the scalp and slide off (don’t worry; there’s no chance of you ruining the formed curl).

Bonus advice

For the best results, I like to scrunch some Wella Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion into my locks before applying the Curlformers since this helps the curls to set as they dry. Some people prefer to use a hairdryer in order to set their curls when they do not have enough spare time to let their hair dry naturally. Although this will not affect how the curls turn out, it will affect the heat-free element that makes Curlformers such a kind hair curling option.

The longer you keep the Curlformers in your hair, the longer the resulting curls will hold their form. This is why it is recommended that Curlformers are worn overnight. You should also remember that two styling hooks are included in each Curlformers kit. This is so someone can help you apply the curlers should you want to get through the application process faster – I got my sister to help me!


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