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Choosing the Best Hair Dryer

How to Find the Best Hair Dryer For You

When an old hair dryer dies out or when you find that your hair dryer is leaving the strands brittle and damaged, selecting and purchasing a new dryer is an important step in improving your hair. The problem that arises when looking for the best hair dryer is determining which dryer is better for your needs. Fortunately, a few hair dryers often stand out when compared to other dryers.


Best Hair Dryer Size:

The best size for any hair dryer depends on your personal preferences and ability to hold weight while working on your hair. That being said, for many individuals a hair dryer within a middle-ranged weight and size is usually appropriate.

While a small hair dryer is often light weight and compact, it usually does not have the appropriate power to dry the hair efficiently. A large hair dryer often has the opposite problem: it can dry hair quickly, but the weight makes it uncomfortable for some consumers.

Dryer Power:

The power you want to select for any hair dryer will differ depending on the type of hair you have. The general range of power for hair is usually between 1200 watts to 2000 watts, depending on your hair type.

Anyone who has fine or thin hair should try finding a hair dryer that does not exceed 1500 watts of power while drying the hair. This also applies to those who have damaged hair because too high power hair dryers will result in further damage. Those with a medium or normal hair type ideally want a hair dryer that does not exceed 1800 watts of power. Only thick or curly hair should use a high powered dryer because the strands are thicker and harder to dry with a low power dryer.


The next consideration when you want to find the best hair dryer is the features on the dryer. Ideally, a professional grade dryer contains the features you want to look for in any dryer after you’ve narrowed the search based on size and power.

One of the features to look for on any hair dryer is the number of speed settings. Numerous heat and speed settings give you the ability to create different types of styles and minimize the risk of damage by allowing lower heat. Another great feature professional grade hair dryers contain is a cold shot function. This feature is not available on all dryers, but it is a great addition because the shot of cold hair holds your style in place. Perhaps the most important feature is the heating technology. The best dryers will always use components that help keep your hair healthy. When looking for heating components, you want to find a dryer that has ionic, ceramic or tourmaline heating components rather than metal or plastic. Usually, only expensive dryers will have these features.

Top Hair Dryer Recommendations:

While you might have a few ideas in mind about dryers that suit your needs, a few dryers stand out that are ideal for most hair types.

• The Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer is an 1800 watt dryer that includes seven temperature and speed switches, a one-year warranty and a low weight. Due to the numerous speed settings, this dryer is appropriate for many hair types.

• The Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer is a powerful tourmaline ionic dryer. It offers six speeds, a cold shot feature and a two-year warranty. The customer hair dryer reviews consistently rate this dryer as one of the top dryers.

• The SuperSolano Original dryer is a ceramic and tourmaline dryer that offers consistent heat, two speeds, three temperatures, an 11.5 foot cord and a cold button.


Choosing the best dryer does not need to become complicated. It just requires knowing your hair and finding something that suits your hair type. Most professional dryers are made for multiple hair types, so any good professional dryer is usually appropriate to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

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