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Amazing Techniques For Hair Highlighting And Lowlighting

Hair Highlighting and Lowlighting

Women are known to manipulate and play with their hair since the ages of ancient Greek, by trying all types of substances found around the nature. With technology coming in the lives of human being, things have turned easy for both men and women. Hair highlighting or lowligting can be referred to changing your hair color, using lightener or hair color of the entire hair or certain section or portion of it. Highlighting deals the selected piece of hair using bleach while, lowlighting is about darkening the selected portion of strands. By trying these amazing techniques, you can enjoy the change in your personality and flaunt your beauty around your friend circle.

Hair Highlights and Lowlights

The highlighting technique

It involves bleaching the selected strands of hair, generally which are concentrated around your face. This procedure is pretty popular among people and there are many reason of having them. It gives your hair with great visual effects without causing any damage. The roots will not be noticeable until and unless you have some drastic light color. But if you have a very dark hair, this technique would simply make them with tones of reddish or light brown. It’s difficult to apply on the people with blonde hair.

Ways of having highlighting procedures

There are three methods of doing this technique. First comes the Foiling, it entails applying bleach to the many of the fine strands of hair followed by wrapping them in a foil. These are generally done in salons and happen to be the easiest of all giving the best results. Second is hair painting, which involves mere applying bleach in a random way to your hair using a small brush, it can be done at home. Third and the oldest way of doing this is using the plastic cap having some holes on your head, pass the strands from these holes along with a small hook and then bleach all of them. This method is not popular anymore and gives very poor result.

The Lowlighting technique

Lowlights are also called as twilights, and they are totally the opposite of the highlighting techniques. If you choose to have a lowlight technique in your hair, you just have to add darker tones to get a smaller amount of dramatic color difference. These are not visible as the highlighting hair even when you select two or three shades which prove to be darker than the natural hair color. The lowlighting procedures are less popular than the highlighting techniques. It is a good option when you desire for a change; however, do not want to for any kind of vivid change in your personality.

Ways of having lowlighting procedures

Hold a small strand of hair and then color them all with two shades which are darker than any normal hair color. While using this technique, limit your color to maximum to four or three darker shades. When you skip with more than four color of shade, you are likely to get unnatural and ruthless hair appearance. If you find your skin getting stained owing to the color, make sure you rub the area with cotton dipped in a toner having alcohol.

Final word: Once you apply these techniques to color your hair, make sure you go by the book. Always remember that you do not wash your hair for one to two days (24 to 48 hours) to have a perfect and long lasting impact of color in your hair. You can use both of these techniques of highlighting and lowlighting together or can go for separate procedures too. The highlighting can make your hair bright and light; however, the lowlighting technique would make your hair dark and deep. So once you have them enjoy the difference in your life.

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