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Six Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas

Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas

Halloween is the one time of year where it’s totally acceptable for adults to wear costumes just like the kids do and party it up! If you’re going to be attending some parties this year, and want to get in the spirit of the holiday, you might try out some of these classy Halloween makeup and costume ideas for adult Halloween costumes. Combined with just a bit of well-placed Halloween makeup, these are easy and affordable options that will still have heads turning your way!

Goth Halloween Look

1.Angel- the iconic Halloween angel needs only a few simple things to be a symbol of perfection! Wear a flowing white dress, or if you don’t have one, you can easily craft one by simply using a large white, flat bed sheet and wearing it toga-style tied with a rope at the waist. Add some strappy heels, and a cheap set of wigs picked up at any department store during the haunting season and you’re all set! Keep your makeup shimmery and toned down for a heavenly appearance!

2.Devil- Playing the advocate here, this costume idea makes a sexy counterpart to the angel. Opt for a red, short length dress with stockings and heels on this choice. Use makeup that is heavy and dark, and add some dramatic waves or volume to your hair. You can pick up headbands that have “horns” placed on them too complete the devilishly sexy look.

3.Zombie- This is one of the most fun ideas! Use any old dress you have that you don’t wear any more, and get it dirty by rolling it around on the ground outside. Use make-up for a washed out zombie appearance, and make your hair terribly messy! Take this idea up a notch by adding a tiara and going for that “prom-queen zombie” look!

4.Bride of Frankenstein- What could ever be classier than a bride? Take this concept from ghoulish to glam in just a few super easy steps. Opt for a long white gown for a classy or elegant approach, or choose a shorter white dress for a sexier appeal. Wear heels with the short dress, or pretty flats with a long one, and don’t use the white-out makeup for your whole face. Instead, keep it glamorous, and let your hair be what mimics the traditional character the most. Wear it up in a loose bun, or go all out with it. Even if you wear your hair down, you can easily pull this costume off by simply adding some white streaks to your hair with washable spray in hair coloring. You’ll be the most beautiful Halloween bride of all time!

5.Cowgirl- This is a pretty standard costume idea, but one that many women seem to overlook. One of the most affordable options, as well as a comfortable choice for parties that will be lasting well into the night, this costume has a timeless flirty appeal to it. Wear blue jeans with a button up flannel top, and add cowboy boots. If you don’t have a hat that will work, you can pick up a cheap one just for Halloween at most department stores. Throw in a plastic water gun, and you are set! It might not be the most elaborate costume choice, but it is certainly the easiest to put together, the most affordable, and will not lack any of the appeal of any more expensive costume. The cowgirl has a classic appeal that makes it a good option for any woman!

6.Goth- Going goth can be as simple as applying some pale foundation with white powder, lining the eyes with thick black liner, applying deep purple, red, or black lipstick, and wearing all black clothes. Add a black wig for a more dramatic effect and try out some black nail polish.


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