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Halloween Nail Polish

Halloween Nail Polish? Absolutely!

Halloween is almost here! Time for cinnamon, clove, and spiced-pumpkin, warming smells filling the frosty air. Time for leaves to change their color. Time for the long-awaited coolness, wearing sweaters, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, eating festive goodies of all sorts, and cozying up with the little ones indoors with soft, warm blankets watching good movies. Time to get those decorations out and time to get your costume together.

Halloween Nail Art

But what to do with your nails you may ask? Red is very festive for Christmas, pastels great for spring, vibrant colors for summer… but alas, for Halloween? What Halloween nail polish do you use? If the thought of freakish colors doesn’t bode well for your garb, never fear. There is an array of colors and tips on painting your nails that will match your wardrobe and still give a Halloween feel.

Opt for colors like burnt orange, persimmon, different hues of brown, and dark burgundy. Paint your nails one color or do vertical or horizontal stripes with up to four different shades. You’re sure to match any of your autumn ensembles with a mixture of different colors. Also look for fun pre-made tips in Halloween shades.

Make Halloween nail polish fun. Paint all your nails black and with a white nail polish pen, write “B” on your ring finger and place an “O” on your middle and another “O” on your index finger for the left hand. Paint little ghosts on your pinky and thumbnails. Reverse the order for the right hand.

Want a classy french manicured look with a goth feel? Instead of painting the tips of your fingers white, use black. With a glossy clear-coat sheen on top, your nails will be stylish and appropriate as Halloween nears. If black is too drastic, use another dark color such as burgundy which naturally enhances any skin tone.

When it comes to Halloween, don’t feel you’re limited to gaudy, freakish shades. Thank goodness nail polish comes in a wide-array of colors for every occasion, even Halloween!

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