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MAC Glitter and Ice Swatches

The MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection includes a number of rather pretty mineralize eye shadows and paint pots, along with the usual fare of Dazzleglass, lipstick, eyeliners, and so on. The Glitter and Ice Collection is on counters now, so you can already get these items.

The packaging for the collection is rather nice with white pots for the shadows and white tubes for the lipsticks. I do really like the new shadows in the group and prefer them over the 6 shadow palettes that MAC put out this year.

MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Swatches

Below are MAC Glitter and Ice swatches of a few items in the collection. I’m not sure how I got the one eyeliner so squiggly! Definitely not the steadiest of hands today! From left to right are Technikol liners in Seasonally Spicy and Practice Makes Perfect; Mineralize Eye Shadow in Snow Season, Shimmermint, and Frozen Blue and a Paint Pot in Morning Frost. I particularly love the paint pot shade. This was taken indoors with flash, but I think it is pretty true to color.

MAC Glitter and Ice Swatches

The MAC Technikohl liners are quite good for creating thin and super smudge proof lines. The liner is one of the hardest products to remove, and I think you could go swimming for hours with it and not have it wear off. It does still remove just fine though with a good dual eye makeup remover. If you want to know my favorite, read my Lancome Bi-Facil review for how it removed lipstick from carpet after my dog got a hold of one. It happened to be MAC lipstick too!

I’ll be putting some Glitter and Ice lipstick and Dazzleglass swatches up on Girl Gloss as well.

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Disclosure: This post is based on products that I received from a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.


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