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MAC Holiday 2011 Swatches Ice Parade Palette

The 2011 MAC Holiday Collection, Glitter and Ice, and Ice Parade are now available! I ordered a couple of items that particularly interested me to swatch. This post takes a look at the MAC Ice Parade Snowglobe Sultry Palette. The packaging for the Ice Parade collection is rather interesting. The look is futuristic and modern, with white cases that include a fluid filled globe of glitter on the top. Mine had a pretty big air bubble in it, which I’m not sure was supposed to be there. I’m still undecided on whether I like it or not. The below photo is  not really the best representation of it, but you can see the air bubble in the fluid on the top. In any event, it is sort of fun to play with, and I do generally like the Sultry Palette eye shadow shades.

MAC Ice Parade Sultry Palette

MAC Holiday 2011 Swatches: Ice Parade Sultry Palette

Below are swatches of the six shades in the sultry palette. I like all of the shades, but the lighter shades were a bit low on pigment in my opinion. I had to put them on rather heavy to show up for the swatches in the photo. Still, I am generally happy with them. The photo is taken inside with flash. The weather here is terrible right now, so once we see sun again, I’ll make some new swatches in natural light.

MAC Holiday 2011 Swatches

The MAC Glitter and Ice and Ice Parade collections will be available through the holidays. It includes some great gift items and everything comes packaged in festive gift boxes to make gift shopping just a bit easier. There are some really pretty individual items in the Glitter and Ice collection as well that I think I might like better than the palettes. I’ll have more on that as I get a hold of more items to look at. A Glitter and Ice collection photo is below.


MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection

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