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Tria Laser on Rachel Ray, Get 50 Dollars Off For a Limited Time

Tria is offering 25% off through November 29, 2015, with no code required. Click here to go to the Tria website.

The Tria Laser has long been my top recommended item for home laser hair removal and it is our top recommend product in our home laser hair removal buyer’s guide. The Tria is easy to use, effective, and provides permanent results. It also is much more affordable over time than doing laser hair removal at a spa or salon.

The Tria was recently featured on the Rachel Ray show and, in connection with that, Tria is offering a $50 off coupon code for just the next few days (until October 24, 2011). To take part in the offer, click here to go to the Tria website and enter RRSHOW at checkout. The Tria has come down in price quite a bit over the past few years, so it already is a pretty good deal considering what it offers, and $50 off is a nice bonus!

Note: Laser hair removal works best for people with fair skin and darker hair. If you have medium to dark skin, you cannot use the laser, because it works by targeting pigment. This presents safetey issues for those with dark skin, and the Tria has a built in sensor that will stop it from operating on skin that is too dark.  You can learn more about this at the Tria website or in our buyer’s guide. If you have darker skin and are looking for permanent hair removal solutions see our Buyer’s Guide, linked above, for more information on the Verseo eGlide, which can be used regardless of skin color. I personally prefer the Tria Laser over the eGlide, but the eGlide does present an option for those who simply cannot do laser hair removal.

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