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Life Through A Pair Of Lenses – What Glasses To Choose For New Spectacle Wearers

So you’ve had your eye-test and the optician says you need glasses. Maybe things in the distance have been looking gradually blurrier but you didn’t notice. Perhaps reading is more of a strain than it used to be. It’s not a big deal – one in fourteen adults in the UK wear glasses. But then you have to choose your frames. Glasses come in many shapes and styles and it’s hard to choose one that’s right for you. Whether it’s a trendy retro horn-rim, or a more subtle frameless pair you’ll be wearing them a lot of the time, so it’s worth putting a bit of thought into it.

What Glasses To Choose: Advice for those who are new to wearing glasses, including help on which frames to choose

woman in glasses

Some of it is a matter of personal taste, but different faces suit different frames. This is going to require you to look objectively at your own face shape, something you’ve probably not done before. You don’t describe yourself as oval or square faced to a blind date, but this is how you have to think about it.

Colour, size, shape, style, thickness. These are all considerations. With so many options it might help to have a guide to follow. Some tips –

Colour. You could chose your favourite colour or something that matches your wardrobe, but a good tip is to bring out the colour of your eyes. Blue frames on blue eyes can look striking. It’s good to go a shade darker. Skin and hair colouration is also a factor.

In terms of size, the scale of the frames should fit with your face size. A large face can accommodate larger glasses. A small face requires something more dainty. You don’t want to be dwarfed by your glasses, for the reason you might look a bit like Harry Hill or Dame Edna Everage. Unless that’s what you’re going for of course…

Shape is more difficult a formula, and is largely about contrast. Of course to some degree you will choose a shape you like, but there is a science to the selection of frame shape. Narrow, angular frames suit a rounder face, and for those lucky enough to have an oval face a frame matching the widest part of the face will suit. Square faces suit a contrasting rounder frame, which softens strong features.

Whether circular, oval, rectangular, or a more unconventional shape, there are different frame styles. Full frame is the most common and the most durable, where the frame encircles the lens. Frameless are more subtle glasses but can be fragile, so if you’re someone likely to sit on your glasses it’s probably not the best option. Semi-rimless glasses are medium weight and a good compromise between the two. The frame runs along the top of the glasses but not around the base of the lenses. It’s relatively subjective which of these styles suits best, so when it comes down to it try a pair that appeals on the wall and then see what it looks like on. It’s going to take a while to adjust to see yourself in spectacles, but you’ll know when you’ve got the right pair.


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