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A Quick Style Guide For Plus Size Women

Dresses are essential staples in every woman’s closet. While most ladies have average-sized bodies, there are those who belong to the plus size range. But, this does not mean that big beautiful women have limited choices when it comes to stylish and flattering dresses. In fact, the market for plus size clothing has expanded throughout the years because of the increasing number of voluptuous women. Today, plus size women who want to find their perfect dress can easily find it in stores and online. The only thing that they need to focus on when looking for a great looking garment is the most suitable style for their full figured bodies. Here is a quick women’s guide when choosing the most attractive and useful plus size dresses.

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The primary factor to consider in choosing and purchasing a plus size dress is the cut. Although a little pricey, the best and most flattering ones are usually the designer clothing. For those who cannot afford it, dresses with accents in the form of embroidery, rhinestones and crystals on their top area are great picks. These can draw attention to the face instead of the problematic body parts like the tummy, waist, and hips. They can also emphasize assets on the upper portion of the body such as the chest and the shoulders.


Dark and neutral colours such as black, grey, brown or navy are the most ideal shades to pick when searching for plus size garments. All these are safe colours because they show less of the body’s bulges. But, this is not to say that women with full bodies are not entitled to wear light and pastel coloured clothes. They still can for as long as they choose the more saturated tones of that particular shade.


Knee length dresses are better than minis and maxis. They work out a balance of showing enough but not too much. They can expose half of the legs and cover half of it which results to a thinner, skinnier and taller appearance.


Weighted instead of flowing fabrics are more ideal for full figured ladies. In general, natural fibers such as cotton are the most ideal fabrics to choose. They are comfortable to wear and look best on plus sized bodies.


Structured clothes are better options for plus sized women. Dresses that look shapely on the mannequin stand or hanger are better for full figured women. Plus size dresses that come with a coat are also great deals as they can flatter the figure while providing an option to cover unattractive body parts.


Plus sizes are all way beyond the standard large clothing measurement. But they also range from 1X to 5X. Although stores may have plus size clothing available, there are instances when online shopping for these types of clothes are better because the choices are more varied. But, the major disadvantage of this is that online plus size garments cannot be fitted prior to purchase. Because of this, it is always good for a plus size woman to determine her size. She can do this by checking out the standard measurement guide for plus size clothes.

Almost all women desire to look sexy by having the perfect figure. Unfortunately, body type is not solely influenced by diet and exercise. If this is the case, then it would be easier for every lady to have the ideal hourglass figure. Since genes also play an essential role in a woman’s shape, it is inevitable for some to fall on the extreme end of the spectrum. Even with a fuller body, women can still find dresses that are flattering to their figure. They simply have to follow the basics in choosing the best style for plus size clothes.


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