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Don’t Like Your Smile? These Habits Might Be To Blame!

Everyone wants nice teeth and while there are obvious things that will cause your teeth to look less than perfect, such as smoking, or lots of red wine (dang it, I love my red wine!), there are also various habits that might be sneaking up and making your teeth look less than perfect that you had no idea about.

The article linked below covers nine habits that are bad for your teeth. Some of these are rather surprising. For example, did you know that swimming and choice of birth control can have an effect of your smile? I sure as heck didn’t!

Anyway, to see all nine, click on through below!

9 Shocking Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Great dental health takes more than seeing your dentist every six months. Do you have one of these bad habits that are wrecking your smile?


Habits that ruin teeth

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Smoking and all that coffee you drink won’t help you score an super smile — but did you know that your workout could damage your teeth and ruin your smile? Here are the top habits to break that might be affecting your teeth — and the best habits to start — to keep your smile as amazing as it can be.

See them


What do you do that may be harming your teeth, or do you have any suggestions for improving the health of your teeth?

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