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10 Fashion Tips For Working Women

Working women are expected to look well-kept and polished. This is especially true if you have a job that requires you to keep your image up such as a receptionist, a business owner, or a lawyer. What you choose to wear on a daily basis can let employers know that you are serious about your job. On the other hand, it can also let them know that you are a little unorganized if you don’t make the right decisions. The following are 10 fashions tips that can help working women look fashionable and presentable.

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Fashion Tips for Working Women

1. Look the part. You want to look at if you actually woke up in the morning and put forth a little effort into the way you look. You don’t want to appear as if you just rolled out of the bed. If you are expected to be a professional, strive to look the part. This will vary depending on your profession. A rule of thumb is to dress similar to your boss. How she dresses will be a good indicator of how she expects you to dress.

2. Strive to have the polished look. Looking cute and trendy is certainly okay on some days. The majority of the days, however, strive to project a polished professional image. Choose classic attire such as pencil skirts, button up blouses, and pantsuits. Find ways to dress them up by adding in a splash of color here and there. You want to look clean. Keep your hairstyle up to date so that you look like you keep up with the times.

3. Avoid over the top jewelry. If you are going out for a night on the town, flashy jewelry may be acceptable. It is not acceptable for the office. Don’t wear jewelry that is going to stand out or offend others in any way. Keep jewelry in the office minimal and classy. Too big or too bright will distract others, including your boss. Go for diamond studs and a nice simple bracelet.

4. Do your clothes fit? Wearing clothes that do not fit can be uncomfortable and unappealing. If they are too big, you may look slouchy. If your clothes are too small, you may get attention that you are not looking for. The right fit is important in portraying a professional image.

5. Don’t go too low. The office is not a place for low cut shirts. Be cautious of what you are allowing others to see. If cleavage is showing, the shirt is too low. Make sure the neckline of your blouse covers your cleavage.

6. Handbags do matter. Your handbag can say a lot about you. Oversized handbags may give you the appearance of being unorganized. Choose a small or medium size bag that helps you get the professional image that you are looking for.

7. Nails. You can’t look professional if you walk around with your fingernails half painted. Make sure to remove old nail paint. Opt for a manicure or choose to go without any paint at all.

8. Make-up. Avoid sparkly eyes and lips in the workplace. Choose subtle colors that won’t stand out. You don’t want people looking at your makeup and making decisions about you. You want them to notice your professional attitude and what you can offer to the business.

9. Avoid going too casual. If you show up in your pajamas and a pair of slipper you will likely get fired. Don’t go too casual to work. Make sure the styles that you choose are appropriate for your workplace. It’s okay to wear jeans and heals if your workplace calls for this attire. Use your best judgment.

10. Can you see through it? You don’t want to walk around in clothing that you can see straight through. This does not project a professional image at all. If you wear white, be cautious of your bra showing.

Fitting into the workplace is quite easy i your know how to be fashionable. What does your work clothing say about you? Use the tips above to help you find the wardrobe that will help project a professional, clean image. Looking professional is the key to getting people to take you seriously. Do you need to make some changes to your wardrobe?

Marina is freelance writer and co-owner of tiffany floor lamp website located at 1001FloorLamps.com

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