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Guest Post: Tiny Things That Make Detoxification Work

With the passage of time, most of us have finally understood the value of eating healthy food and keeping our body internally, as well as, externally fit. Detoxification is one process that helps you achieve both goals side by side, yes; it not only cleanses your body by removing toxic wastes but also helps you burn stubborn body fat.

Following a proper fruits or vegetable juice detox diet, however, can only achieve this, with juices making this process even purer. One can always experiment while going on an all-raw fruits or vegetables diet by blending a combination of both foods together. The same could be done with juices, add new tastes to your drinks as it proves to be a big motivator for many.

Apart from this, herbal teas and lemon juice play a major role in the detoxification process, but don’t forget to substitute sugar with maple syrup in your lemon drink. The best part about juice fasting is that you don’t have to follow any particular juice diet recipes, take any vegetable or fruit from your fridge, put it through your juicer or in your blender and a meal is prepared within minutes.

Moreover, once your body gets accustomed to this diet, the effects are seen not only in your physique but also in your skin. While your body is being cleansed from the inside, the outer image starts looking even better. But all this is done only if the correct methods and ways are used to carry out the whole procedure.

You might spend fortunes on picking the best food products for yourself that would obviously consume a lot of time too but they might not help you reduce even an inch. That is because you are so lost trying to figure out complexities and forget about the simplest yet most important things.

Have you ever wondered how many hazardous chemicals pass down inside your body while you are sipping water from a plastic bottle? Many researchers have proved that plastic bottles are quite harmful for human body and can even add up some calories. Another major aspect of getting the most out of this process is by reading labels on every food item you buy.

It is definitely not an easy job but one should have some idea as to what he is consuming. If the label contains a lot of unknown names, skip the item and try finding a substitute.

Last but not least, make the best use of your juicer/blender, juice as many fresh and seasonal fruits and juices every day. They not only give nutrients to your body but also revitalize your whole body.

Kari Kenseth is the owner of the Juice Diet Blog, raising awareness about the benefits of juicing and doing a raw food

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