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5 Beauty Fixes After Overindulging On New Years

Today brings a bit of a preemptive post!

While Christmas morning might be a big event for the kids, New Year’s Eve is usually when the adults go a little wild with holiday celebration. Unfortunately, the late night, usual New Year’s dressings of alcohol, rich food and sometimes too-cramped rooms and houses can make you look tired, puffy and worn out the next morning. A few quick and simple beauty rules can help you look more vibrant and awake (even when you don’t feel especially awake!).


Tip 1: You Know It Will Be a Long Night, Be Prepared

Chances are you’ll probably know if you have plans in advance for any New Year’s celebration. Take advantage of this and plan ahead for the next morning. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a late night and trying to pick out clothing or gather makeup and hair care supplies. If you have all of your morning routine items laid out in advance, you’ll have a few extra moments to apply makeup, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and not feel as rushed to get on with your day while trying to hunt down everything you need.

Tip 2: Hydrate Yourself

Long nights can take a toll on your body in more ways than you might realize, especially if you celebrated New Year’s with a few traditional alcoholic beverages. Even though it’s usually consumed in liquid form, alcohol can contribute to dehydration. Combined with fatigue, a possibly smoky environment if there were cigarettes present at the party, and consumption of possibly salty or rich snacks during the evening, chances are your body needs to replenish. Drink water, and moisturize your skin with a good hydrating cream, especially if your skin feels dry or rough.

Tip 3: Pay Close Attention to Your Hair

Just like your skin, your hair might need some special attention the morning after New Year’s. Depending on your hair type and the environment that you spent the evening in, your hair may be dull, lank or oily the morning after, which can add to a and disheveled appearance. Take the extra time to shampoo it using a good shampoo formulated to your hair type, and condition it thoroughly.

Tip 4: The Eyes Have It

One mistake many women make after New Year’s eve parties is trying to conceal eye bags and puffiness with heavy eyeliner. While it seems like this would draw more attention to the eyes themselves and help overshadow any puffiness, it will do exactly the opposite in practice. Less is more when it comes to eye makeup the morning after the celebrating. Use a cold compress, such as cucumbers or tea bags, on eye puffiness before applying makeup. Avoid dark eyeliner and eye shadow; instead, use only some mascara and light, shimmering eye shadow on upper lids.

Tip 5: Use Less Makeup

Your skin may need a day or two to recover, so avoid heavy makeup or blush that might accentuate wrinkles, lines or skin dryness. Caking on the makeup is one of the worst ways to try to conceal fatigue after New Year’s celebrations or other long nights out, since the makeup will gather in crevices and can further dry out skin. Use a light powder to take the shine from your nose, and use concealer sparingly.

Take it easy this New Year’s Eve everyone! Have fun, but be safe!

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