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Footwear Fashion for Winter

Boots are one of the fall’s hottest outerwear trends. Boots come in a plethora of styles and varieties that can be suited to each person’s budget and personality. Every woman should own a pair of boots because they are an essential component to a well-rounded winter wardrobe. Boots can be styled in a number of ways and can be paired with pants, skirts and dresses. Though they do tend to be pricey, most women can find a basic boot within a reasonable price range. If you can’t afford a pair of over-the-knee boots, save money and buy a similar pair of ankle boots instead. Or wait until the off-season to purchase your favorite equestrian or lace-up boots at a discount. If you’re looking to get a handle on which boots you should be sporting this season, familiarize yourself with the latest looks in Fall 2011 footwear.


Ankle Booties

In addition to being one of the most wearable shoe trends for fall and winter, ankle boots are often a less expensive boot option. When paired with legging, leather pants or skinny jeans, ankle booties can highlight the leg, drawing attention to your best assets.

Equestrian Boots

Equestrian boots may serve as a necessity for horse riders and equine lovers, but they’re a must-have item for boot-loving fashionistas. Equestrian boots are marked by their rounded toe, tall boot shaft and buckle details, which are usually made from brushed silver, pewter or brass metals. These boots are generally made of quality leather and can be purchased in black, brown or gray color schemes. These types of boots are a great option to wear with a leather or military-inspired jacket.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are both a functional and super sexy boot choice. While tricky to wear without invoking Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman, the over-the-knee boot can be properly styled for a chic and sophisticated appearance. Try pairing your over-the-knee book with a calf-length skirt for a modest approach. Or, if you want to be daring, wear your over-the-boots with leather pants or textured leggings. Over-the-knee boots can be quite the investment, so be sure to find them on sale at your favorite retail location or online.

Motorcycle Boots

Also inspired by the recent menswear tend, motorcycle boots have made a comeback for women as well as men. Biker boots are usually embellished with thicker soles, buckles, grommets, chains and other metal adornments. If you can’t imagine yourself in a combat boot, try borrowing from this style with a biker-inspired ankle bootie.

To-the-Knee Boots

Tall boots, or to-the-knee boots, are the perfect accessory for women who live in cold climates. When you purchase your to-the-knee-boot, be sure to select one made from quality materials such as suede or leather. Go for a pair in basic black, brown or gray and be sure to select a stacked heel instead of a skinny heel. If you’re looking for a basic boot, go with a simple design. If you want to jazz up your boot collection, opt for a Victorian-era lace up boot. While you might be inclined to purchase a boot with a stiletto heel, opt for a sturdier heel option to give yourself traction in the wintry weather.

Snow Boots

If you plan to engage in winter sports activities, be sure to have the proper footwear. For your next winter trip, bring along a pair of tall snow boots. Snow boots are heavy duty and superior to your standard tall boot in terms of function because they work overtime to keep your legs and feet warm in heavy snow. Many times, these types of shoes are made from suede and include a sheepskin or shearling lining for maximum comfort and warmth.

Post written by Sara Woods, who writes for Coupon Croc. Shop online with Shoes.co.uk discount codes and save on the latest shoe trends this season.

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