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Hair Care, Fact or Fiction?

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It’s interesting to consider tips that were popular in years past which are now known to not be such great advice. For example – there was a time when shampooing your hair every day was the accepted rule, while experts currently recommend only washing two to three times per week to prevent damage. Here is a collection of other common tips which have failed to stand the test of time.

Change up your shampoo/conditioner for better results.
Even though it may seem that your hair regularly “gets used to” whichever shampoo and conditioner you’re using, in reality this is just a myth, according to hair stylists. When your hair doesn’t respond to your usual products, build-up and residue are typically to blame, as most brands do tend to leave them behind on your locks. Make it part of your routine to use a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to remove the build-up. This will allow you to continue using your favorite products successfully.

Regular trims make your hair grow faster.
There’s no denying that getting your hair trimmed regularly is a great way to keep it healthy, but it won’t actually make it grow any faster; hair grows about half an inch each month whether you’ve had it trimmed or not. Trimming the ends encourages your hair to be stronger and healthier, and it can make it appear to be longer because it’s free from dry and broken ends. Professionals recommend visiting the salon every eight to 12 weeks to maintain your hair.

If your hair is oily, don’t use conditioner.
Oily hair is actually caused by the scalp overproducing a substance called sebum, so, the problem is at the roots of your hair, not with the hair itself. Your hair still needs conditioner to help keep it soft and free of tangles so apply it, but avoid your scalp – start around the middle of the hair shaft and apply it from there down to the ends.

Always brush your hair from top to bottom.
According to television commercials, and probably your mom as well, you should always start at the top and brush down the length of your hair in long strokes. This method can actually break strands of hair – especially when it’s wet. Instead, begin brushing or combing your hair at the ends and work your way up to the scalp. This gives you a chance to work through any tangles you might find and it puts less stress on the hair.

Keep these up-to-date hair care tips in mind to help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

Tara Reagan contributes for Stocking Fillers.

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