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Hair Like a Celebrity!

When the common Joe (or Jane) on the street is battling frizz and seemingly endless bad hair days, your average celebrity always seems to be perfectly turned out, hair flawlessly coifed, sleek and not a strand out of place. While it is true that celebs have the benefit of experts being at their beck and call: stylists, aestheticians, makeup artists; the best professionals in the business, what is it that keeps them looking like they just exited the salon at any given time?

They have figured out what works for them

While every now and again we seem a fashion disaster peering at us from fashion magazines, for the most part the celebrity image is one that is flawlessly glamorous and makes the best of their natural assets. The image that we usually see is a carefully considered and painstakingly put together one that uses natural assets and highlights them while downplaying the flaws. Rather than blindly following trends, celebs actually become trend setters.

It is a matter of finding the style that is best suited to a person’s own facial bone structure, the type of skin and the nature of hair that each individual has. We will usually find that the truly glamorous and iconic celebs, who guide fashion and trends, are the ones that are truly individualistic. They are not the ones who may pass off as clones of one another. Each individual quirk is used in a way that works for the overall image that proves to be an inspiration for so many others and goes on to become a trend in its own right.

What the common Joe and Jane can observe from this is not to follow hair fashion slavishly, but to figure out what really works for them. A particular hair color may look terrific on a celeb but could clash hideously with someone else’s skin. And a certain cut could flatter the bone structure of a star but may look really incongruous with another set of facial features. Individuality rather than conformity should be the corner stone of one’s personal style.

Using Quality Products

Of course this can be an expensive proposition but using good quality products that are suitable for the type and nature of the hair can help. Again here as well, it is important to take into consideration the individual vicissitudes of one’s hair, rather than to use products that X celebrity recommended.

And finally remember that looking fabulous is a significant part of the job of a celebrity. If they look as good as they do, that is part of their work description, and they have a lot of very expert help. The fact that genetics also seems to lend a generous helping hand is something else to consider.

In conclusion, remember that rather than emulate the cut of hair that a celeb sports or trying to duplicate their hair color, keep your body in the best health it can be. To be in the best health that you can be translates to great looking hair and finding your own personal sense of style is what will work best for you.


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