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Seven Quick and Easy Hairstyles

The article below from Total Beauty covers seven super easy hairstyles that you can do in seven minutes of less. From an easy twist at the side of the head to creative braid and buns, take a look for some new quick and easy hairstyles to get you out the door fast and looking good. Most of these really can be done in under one minute at that! I found some good ideas here.

Are you tired of wearing your hair in a ponytail day in and day out? We are too, so we dared one woman to come up with a new and different hairstyle for each and every day of the week. The catch? She could not over ten minutes to make it work. Did she succeed?Find out

7 Chic Hairstyles You Can Do in 7 Minutes

Total Beauty asked one woman to try a new hairstyle every day. Here are her results.

7 Chic Hairstyles You Can Do in 7 Minutes

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Do you have a favorite quick and easy hairstyle? If so, share it!

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