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Six Things to Do With Your Old Clothes

If you have clothing you don’t wear anymore, never, ever throw it away. Just don’t. Period. Just because you think it’s terribly out of style doesn’t mean everyone else on the planet would avoid it, too. When you are going through your wardrobe and paring down, it’s important to choose wisely what you’re going to do with your old clothes. If they’re in good condition, you could easily sell them or donate them or swap them with a friend. If they’re in need of minor repair, chances are that someone out there is willing to do the work. And if they’re absolutely beyond help, get creative and find another use for the fabric. When you have old clothes to get rid of, here are some things you can consider doing with them.

Offer Them to Friends

The easiest thing to do with your clothes is offer them to your friends or relatives. If you know people that wear your size, see if they’re interested in taking what you don’t want off your hands. Your friends will be happy to score some new stuff for free.


If you don’t want to just give your stuff away, ask a group of friends if they’d be interested in holding a clothing swap. Have everyone clean out their wardrobes, and get together to exchange stuff. Everyone wins this way. Another way to swap clothes is to use a swapping website, like Clothesswap.meetup.com, to find a swap near you or to organize one.


The most charitable thing to do with your clothes is to donate them. Goodwill and Salvation Army have locations all over the country that take donations. You can even write your donation off on your taxes. You can inquire with shelters, churches, and other nonprofit organizations near you to see if they are in need of clothing donations, and most are. You can donate your shoes at Soles4Souls.org, or your clothing that could help underprivileged women in their careers at DressforSuccess.org. There are thousands of nonprofits that are in need of donations every day.

Give Away

Use websites like Freecycle.org to list your clothing and find someone in your area who will take it. Oftentimes people who don’t have a lot of money but need new clothes will visit websites like Freecycle to find donors without going to a charity.


You can always sell your clothes if you want to make some extra cash, especially if you’re clothes are in good condition and current styles. Take pictures and list them on sites like Ebay.com, Craigslist.org, or Exching.com. If it seems like too much work to list your clothing online, you could also take them into a brick-and-mortar second hand shop like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet, and they might purchase your clothes from you. Or you could hire someone who will do all the work selling them online for you for a cut of the selling price.


Another good option for selling clothes, especially if you have high fashion or designer clothes, is to take them to a consignment shop. You will usually need to make an appointment, and they tend to only take clothes that are recent styles, in very good condition, and in season. You will receive a percentage of what they sell for if the store agrees to consign them. If you have expensive clothes, this is a great option. You might need to do a little traveling to find a good consignment store, but it is often worth making the effort.


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