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The Best Beauty inventions of 2011

2011 saw some interesting beauty inventions. Below are the top eight items from Total Beauty. I definitely agree with their inclusion of Nais Inc. metallic, magnetic nail polish, and Bootie Pies sure look like a neat idea. Others I’m not so sure about. For example, do PMS drops really work? And is that really a “beauty invention?”

Anyway, to see the list, click on through below.

Boots to keep your feet warm during a mid-winter pedicure, rubber ears to protect your appendages from hot irons, and magnetized nail polish are just some of the most creative beauty gadgets we’ve seen this year. Take a peek, we’re sure you’ll find at least one new thing to add to your beauty regimen.See inventions

8 Most Innovative Beauty Inventions of 2011

These new gadgets and technologies will make your beauty regimen, and your life, easier


8 Most Innovative Beauty Inventions of 2011

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