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What Will Be The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

Beauty technology has come a long way, particularly over the past few decades. Women now use pulsed light and lasers to treat skin conditions and prevent wrinkles, hair color no longer leaves hair looking fake and frizzy, and gel nails can be cured under UV light for weeks of chip free wear. What is next? Several dermatologists and professionals in the beauty industry gave their opinion on the next big thing beauty. Here are the top five responses:

Beauty future

Non-Invasive Fat Removal

The ability to freeze fat with a painless and non-invasive procedure already exists, and multiple dermatologists predicted that it will become the next big beauty fad, with advances toward home fat removal machines. Using Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, patients spend one to four hours with a non-invasive cooling device on an area of fat that they want to eliminate. A few months following the treatment, the fat disappears. Debra Jaliman, a New York Board Certified Dermatologist and author of the upcoming book, Skin Rules: Trade Secrets From a Top New York Dermatologist, notes that the product is expected to be available in a hand piece soon, with the ability to treat the arms and thighs, while Kathleen Stegman, Founder of Midwest Medical Aesthetics, predicts that home machines will be developed to accomplish the same effect.

Collagen Renewal With Radiofrequency

Jailman predicts that the next big development in skin care will be from Thermage CPT, which uses radiofrequency to stimulate the body’s natural renewal of collagen. According to Jailman, it can work to tighten any area, such as the face, eyes, arms and legs. It is safe, effective, has no downtime, and patients can expect to see up to 10% tightening within 6 months.

Additional Increases in Needleless Technology

Aside from noninvsive fat removal and the use of radiofrequency devices, Dermatologists on the whole tend to predict large increases in other forms of non-invasive needleless technology. Dr. Shirely Madhere, of Soho Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery expects to see increases in light based technology and the use of stem cells to develop various non-invasive treatments that will produce surgical results without the surgery.  Stegman also predicts that stem cell technology will continue to rise in importance.

Affordable Injections and Fillers

Multiple Dermatologists and beauty professionals observed that injections and fillers such as Botox, Juvederm, and Artfill have become more and more affordable. But products with multiple uses that will both relax wrinkles and fill lines are just around the corner and are expected to be rather affordable. What were once products reserved for those with extra money to spend will become standard for many women.

Healthy Hair Care

Mikayla DeSomer, a hair stylist in Naperville, IL, observes that hair care has entered a “green era” in which products have become increasingly healthier. For example, there now are products that are vegan and gluten free, as well as low ammonia, and organic products. Straighteners have evolved from relaxers that contain lye, to silky keratin treatments. Even in the short time that keratin treatments have been around, they have evolved from controversial unhealthy services, to formaldehyde free.

With respect to the next big thing in the beauty industry, De Somer feels that the clients dictate the future of hair and beauty. She notes that the upper class will always have access to more expensive, exclusive treatments, which sends companies into a frenzy to come up with a less expensive way to do the same thing. More often than not, that process cheapens the product and gives less of a perfect result. However, De Somer believes that this process is about to change with  low maintenance, green products and services as the wave of the future. She notes, “as glam gets bigger, we want it faster and cheaper. If we can create a keratin treatment that will do the job, and have no trace of formaldehyde, etc., that will boost these treatments into being just as popular as the perm in the 80’s.”

As beauty technology evolves, we have much to look forward to. The future of beauty looks brighter than ever!

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