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5 Functional Winter Fashion Necessities

Staying warm in winter requires bulky clothes that focus more on functionality than fashion. The importance of staying warm should outweigh the need to look great. Or at least that’s what you’ve always been told! Nowadays, there is no need to look ugly while staying warm. Fashion oriented winter clothing has become big business. These clothes are designed to help keep you warm while also letting you look great. There are various brands and styles of fashionable winter clothing that you can integrate into your daily life. Pick the brands and styles that go best with your own unique style.

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Five Pieces of Winter Clothing that are Fashionable but Functional


Scarves are fashionable and functional: They look great with a variety of styles but they also keep your neck warm. Start by picking a scarf that you think is longer than necessary. A scarf that is too short will be hard to style. It will also leave areas of your neck exposed to the cold. Avoid picking scarves with intricate patterns or designs. These can sometime appear tacky and are often hard to integrate into your style. Instead, get several different one color scarves. Pick colors that go well with your wardrobe. Wear different scarves based on your style for the day. This will help you look good while keeping your neck warm.

Gloves or Mittens

Ski gloves and insulated work gloves are very warm. However, they’re a complete fashion faux pas. You don’t have to wear these bulky, ugly gloves to keep your hands warm. Buy a pair of top brand leather gloves. These gloves are designed for warmth and style. Try them on before purchasing to find which brand you like best. Wear leather gloves to create a no-nonsense, business oriented look. Thread or felt based mittens also work well with a style that integrates a lot of fur or felt. Buy multiple pairs of mittens to help coordinate individual pairs with different sets of clothing in your wardrobe. Mittens are great for a more “fun loving” look.

Felt Hat and Earmuffs

A single color felt hat is a fashionable way to keep your head warm. Single color hats make it easier to integrate the hats into your style and wardrobe selection. Avoid buying hats with logos, intricate patterns or God help us, pom-poms. These types of hats are great…for little kids. You’re an adult now: dress like one.  On that note, don’t be ashamed to wear earmuffs! They may look “kiddy” but they are actually a very functional way to keep your wears warm. Again, focus on simple, single color earmuffs. These are much easier to integrate into your rapidly growing winter wardrobe.


Don’t forget to buy a great set of boots this winter! You may resist buying boots: rubber boots may keep your feet dry and warm but they can look so ungainly and ugly. Don’t suffer in inappropriate shoes for the sake of fashion! Instead, go to a great shoe store and look through the boots. There are plenty of fashionable boots available that will still keep your feet warm. Be a bit more “extravagant” with your boot style. Few people will really take the time to notice your boots unless they clash with your wardrobe or compliment it perfectly.


A great winter coat should be the central focus of a functional but fashionable winter wardrobe. Avoid oversized, bulky coats. Instead, use coats like a fitted pea coat. A fitted pea coat is designed specifically for you. It is designed for comfort, warmth and style. Fur coats and double breasted coats are also comfortable, warm and fashionable.

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