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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Daytime Outfit for a Night Out

There are so many moments in life when you get stuck trying to figure out how to accessorize your outfit, especially when going out for drinks with friends or on a date. (For me, this seems to happen weekly!) Not only do you want to look cute and sexy, you also want to look well-dressed. Sometimes it’s the issue of what kind of jewelry to wear, sometimes the problem is deciding which shoes look best with the jeans you’re wearing, and sometimes it’s just a matter of whether you should wear your hair up or down! Whatever the case may be, here are seven tips of how to dress up your outfit for a night out.

1. Hats

Hats are a great way to accessorize your look. They are not only cute, but they hide any imperfections you may have encountered throughout the day. Cadet hats are just one way to complete your outfit.

2. Scarves

Scarves are a great accessory to dress up your outfit, especially when going out during the winter months. By wearing a scarf, you add the perfect hint of color to your outfit, as well as a level of sophistication.

3. Hair Clips

If you don’t feel like wearing a hat while out and about, try a hair clip! Whether it’s a dramatic, feather hair clip or a feminine, flower barrette, clips are the perfect way to dress up your hair and your overall appearance.

4. Fashionable Jewelry

Jewelry is always an easy way to dress up any outfit, whether it’s a long beaded necklace, bracelets or dangling earrings. Drop earrings or a three strand necklace are simple ways to dress up your casual outfit.

5. Sexy Pumps

Heels are a very easy way to add sexiness to an outfit. Besides making your legs look amazing, heels are great to wear with anything, whether it’s a mini skirt, jeans, or dress. Check out any department store in the mall for a variety of pumps.

6. Makeup

A great way to get ready for your night out is to create a smokey eye look. Visit a local drug store to find some smoky eye shadow color palettes; there are usually many choices so you can find one that works for your eye color. Deep red lipstick with a touch of shimmer is also a classic way to complete your look.

7. Handbags

One final tip for dressing up your outfit for a night out (or an exciting date!) is to choose your bag wisely. When going out, it’s best to either carry a clutch with a wristband or wear a cross body bag. This not only allows you to keep all your essentials organized and in one place (no more searching around in your monster of a bag!), but you also can keep your hands available for that martini. Cheers!

This post is by Kelsey Schultz, who writes for a company that sells Halloween costumes, as well as accessories that are perfect for any outfit!

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