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Affordable Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Of all the holidays celebrated in the United States, Valentine’s Day comes in as number two in greeting card sales. And of course, flowers and candy are the most popular gifts given on that occasion. With so many people out of work or on tight budgets, it is easy to get depressed over it.  But there is no need to worry.

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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The history of Valentine’s Day is interesting. Valentine comes from the Latin word valor, and it means “worthy.” The holiday was named after two Christian martyrs in the middle ages. It became a recognized holiday in the year 1537. Girls would eat foods on that day that they thought would make them have dreams about a lover that would marry them. Writing love letters began in the 17th century, along with cards and gift giving.

For those folks who want to show their affection, but have very little spare money, it is still possible to do something quite similar. Thrift shops, flea markets, and online ads offer great deals on clothing and jewelry, and pawn shops are overflowing with very good deals. The engraving is not very expensive. By placing chocolates on bamboo skewers and incorporating them into a Valentine’s Day bouquet, it suddenly becomes an unusual present. And for those who simply want to avoid those commonly used gifts, how about trying one of the following:

• Give the gift of a spa date…at home. Purchase bath salts, bubble bath, massage oil, scented candles, and a bottle of wine. Placed in a basket, it makes for a lovely gift. But don’t stop there. After the bath and toweling dry, put on some music, light the candles, and heat the massage oil (this can be done by placing the bottle in the bath water while she is bathing). What woman would not love that gift? Come to think of it, guys love it too!

• A bottle of wine clutched in the arms of a soft and furry teddy bear is so romantic.

• A music box that plays her favorite song will leave her misty-eyed.

• A trip to the makeup counter at the department store to buy some of those luxurious creams and ointments is a sure winner. The fellow that goes with her gets additional kudos! Or, try a Sephora shopping trip or gift card.

• A favorite picture taken on a special occasion that brings memories of wonderful times can be put in a pretty frame for only a few dollars. Knowing the preferences, favorite colors, and tastes of a companion will make any thoughtful gift special.

Valentine’s Day Gifts When Money Is Not a Problem

Here are a few ideas that may make a gift feel more unique and special when money is not a problem:

• When buying for a spouse or a significant other that is living in the same home, one might want to give a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. How much more exciting it will be if the bedroom is set up for a sizzling tryst! Imagine the reaction of an unsuspecting wife or girlfriend when she walks in there and finds sexy lingerie draped artfully on the bed, a single rose on the pillow, along with a lovely piece of jewelry…engraved, of course!

• Lockets are a favorite gift given on that special day. Engraving it with her monogram, any pet nicknames, and a recent picture makes it even more precious.

• Gals can give a watch or bracelet to their favorite guys, and they, too, should have them engraved with a special sentiment.

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas do not have to cost a fortune. Careful planning, knowing what that special person really likes, and making the effort to provide it for her/him, is as important as the gift itself.

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