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Great New Year’s Resolutions (And How You’ll Break Them)

The beginning of a new year promises many things and prompts many of us to change our habits. Or does it? I’m sure many have been through enough New Years Days to know that once you’re back with your nose to grindstone a couple of days later, things don’t really feel that different. Here is a list of common New Year’s Resolutions, and reasons why they – and many similar resolutions –often end up broken.

Getting in Shape

In the UK, the Dog’s Trust runs with the famous slogan ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. When people get round to making their resolutions, having filled up with several Christmas dinners and with a month of turkey sandwiches ahead of them, they can feel like an old dog. And finding themselves out of breath after a brisk walk probably helps the effect. But like that dog, sometimes it isn’t a good idea to introduce a fitness regime around the beginning of the new year. There are many disruptions, distractions and reasons for losing motivation (hey, it’s cold). You’d probably get more traction out of starting a mid-year resolution.

Give Up Smoking

Why does giving up Smoking fail at New Year? Because it’s frequently unsuccessful at every other time of year too. By no means should you take the high failure rate of New Years Smoking Resolutions as a reason to not try at all, but even with nicotine gum and fake cigarettes to help you, it’s tough.

Get a Better Job

Combine the problems of the previous two bright ideas and you get this one. It’s the wrong time to be considering how much you enjoy your job, and it’s very easy to have outrageous expectations about how easy it is to walk into a job. True, a number of new job suddenly spring up immediately after Christmas, but then so does the competition (and everyone else making the same resolution). Nevertheless, this can be an efficient resolution to make: sometimes a job really is the thing at the core of your life that needs to change.

Be Good To Yourself

This should be easy, and it’s good to see people being a little more selfish with their resolutions. But can we do it? Making an effort to enjoy life more, to actually use the Spa day gift voucher you received as a gift and to remove yourself from stressful situations. These tactics can help you, but ultimately, some people are just more prone to stress and they may well just cause themselves more worry by confronting themselves with this.

Spend More Time with Family

Like so many New Year’s Resolutions, this one is made because you’ve been recently nudged into guilty submission over how you live your life for the rest of the year. Spending more time with the family seems so easy in theory, especially when right now, you’re spending time with family (and very nice it is too). But the reality is different. You don’t see that aunt because she lives too far away. You don’t see that cousin because, honestly, he’s a pain in the ass. You’re a busy person with a schedule to juggle, and the time you spend with the extended family is time you spend away from friends and closer family. Here’s an idea: organise a summer barbecue for the extended family. Then it’ll be their turn and you won’t feel so bad.

Anna Freshwater is a copywriter and blogger who writes for Sanctuary Spa who offer a pamper service and Unique gifts for women in the UK.

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