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Products That Will Not Help You To Lose Weight

OK, it is almost 2012, and this means only one thing – millions of people will be searching Google for ways to lose weight and many of these people will unfortunately come across websites that offer the most dubious services imaginable. So today I shall briefly outline some of the worst ways to try to lose weight. Note, none of these “weight loss” products or services are based on science, none of the testimonials you read are ever verified. The products can also cause you far more harm than good. So here is our list.

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Anything with Acai in It

Acai is a small berry that grows in South America. It has lots of vitamins. That is where its health properties end. Acai does not help you lose weight in any way. Taking it raw, in a juice or as a pill will have not positive effect on your weight. Your fat will not melt away!

Green Tea Products

Green tea is healthy and good quality green tea can be tasty too. So if you like tea, by all means, have a cup of green tea. Do not expect green tea to cause your fat cells to self implode though. Although it does have some properties that may aid weight loss, overall the evidence is inconclusive. Green tea is sometimes provided in pill form. In these cases they pills are just giving you extra caffeine which can lead to a very slight increase in metabolism.

HCG Pills and Drops

HCG is without doubt the biggest joke on the market. Often people sell “homeopathic” HCG, which actually means that there is no HCG in the product at all. The pills are just expensive sugar pills. However, even if you got some “real” HCG, this still will not lead to weight loss, as scientists have carried out double-blind trials on HCG and found that the medicine does not lead to increased weight loss.

Hoodia extracts

Hoodia is another product that showed some signs of aiding weight loss in early trails, but it was never turned into a proper weight loss pill or product. Trials were inconclusive. However, people are still selling it online by the bucket load.

With all of these products you are encouraged to also follow a very strict diet and told to exercise. When you do this, you lose weight. You do not need the products to lose weight though, as they really make very little difference at best, and some make no difference at all. If you dispute this, please feel free to share scientific evidence that has been peer-reviewed and confirmed in later trials. Otherwise, forever hold your peace.

Basically, the number one rule of weight loss is that you should put less stuff in your mouth, not go out and buy more stuff to eat. Too much food leads to fat accumulation and nothing else.

If you wish to learn how to lose weight then the best solution really is to empower yourself. You do not need any products, diet foods or equipment to lose weight. All you need is a sensible plan of action and some basic information. There are many weight loss plans that provide meal plans and exercise routines that guarantee weight loss, if you follow the rules.

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