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Spa Destinations–New Year, New You

Spa Destinations


New Year

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: F. Montino

Want to get away from it all and face the New Year with renewed energy and focus? Looking for the ultimate spa retreat for a post-holiday pound reduction? Are you tired of the hamster wheel of life and the never-ending cycle of holiday parties?

Magnificently Mexican

Mexico spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: ShellVacationsHospitality

The best way to face the New Year may be nestling on the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta. The Casa Velas Hotel Boutique is an adults-only spa and retreat, offering personalised spa treatments in Zen tranquillity. Separate women and men’s treatment areas. Vitamin treatments, massage, chakra balancing and even electromagnetic mud massage using diamond dust to remove all forms of electromagnetic pollution from your body. The focus is on rejuvenation, and refreshing holistic treatments and personal service. Visitors return every year for a break and a chance to unwind.

mexico dolphin

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: Moosealope

Holistic Hong Kong

Hong Kong spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: Skyseeker

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental combines modern elegance and exotic Eastern healing techniques. The spa caters to people who are on the go, and want the chance to relax, unwind and indulge in the sensual secrets of the east with an emphasis on using heat, water and the most up to date techniques and methods of treatment. Try Ashtanga Yoga or the deeply relaxing relaxation lounge for a truly remarkable experience. Cool, calm and chic……. It is where the tired, travelled-out, over-shopped and overworked go for respite. Beautifully understated design”. Vanity Fair on Travel, April 2010

Brazilian Beauty

Brazil spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: Karla Vidal

In Brazil, the emphasis is on feeling and looking great all the time. Everyone knows Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, but one of the best spas in Brazil is the Salinas Beach and Spa Resort, in Bahia. This is the perfect destination if you want to focus on beauty treatments, sunshine and some sexy samba in Salvador. People rave about the treatments, the personal attention and the attention to everything beautiful.

Tempting Thailand

Thailand spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: Michael Malz

Thailand has a worldwide reputation for spa resorts. For a traditional experience that takes you away from the tourist beaches of Phuket and into the world of true wellness and diet detox, the Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary is the very best in individual detox programmes and diet advice. A Buddhist monk cave for true contemplation or an energetic fitness plan. The focus of this Thai spa is on the individual and setting up a wellness programme that will last your whole life. With specialised treatments for adrenal burnout and lectures from visiting wellness gurus, this spa is rated by visitors as one of the best in the world.

Snake Spa

snake spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: AntoniO BovinO

Rejuvenation and not a small portion of courage are needed to handle the Snake Spa in Israel. Lie in silence while non-venomous snakes softly smooth away the stresses and strains of modern life.

Intensely Indian

Indian spa

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: SouthAsiaGolf

Spas in India combine western traditional spa treatments with the chance to really discover your inner sanctuary. Whether it’s a traditional Ashram or a modern holistic wellness treatment, you’ll find the Ananda Spa resort close to Haridwar and Rishikesh, which is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Offering pampering and silent meditation, including Ayurvedic massage and consultations. This is a destination that places you into solitude and makes sure that you get away from everything you know, allowing you to embrace your inner beauty to emerge completely rejuvenated.

“Thank you for a week of healing and bliss ! Even in the monsoon, a most magical place in this world!”

Ssssh! I’m at a Spa Retreat

banharan hot springs

Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons: zzclef

The Banjaran Hotsprings retreat in Ipoh has a strict no-talking policy. You can check you BlackBerry at the door and forget about Wi-Fi access. If you want to get away, you need to go within to reveal the secrets of silence.

Getting away to a spa is not just about dieting and detox programs. Modern spas take a holistic approach to healing, sanctuary and letting you make healthy, and long-lasting changes to your lifestyle.

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