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5 Boots to Kick You Into Spring Gear

There may still be some of the white stuff on the ground, and the weather may still be somewhat chilly, but it’s never too early to look ahead to spring. Maybe it’ll even help you get through the rest of the winter! And you know that with the spring season, of course, comes the colorful, vibrant fashions to boost your mood and get you ready to get back to the great outdoors!

Your toes may be chilly now, even in your tall, fuzzy winter boots, but let’s think ahead for a little bit so you’re ready for the best boots that will be hitting the runways this coming spring season.

The Ankle Boot

These aren’t your average granny boots anymore – ankle boots are in super high fashion for this coming spring. They’re the perfect transition between your warm, wintery boots to your summertime flip flops!

Flat ankle boots appear to be the trend this year. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts or pants – pretty much anything you can imagine. Look for boots with a slouchy look that feature belts or buckles of some sort as these will be most in demand this spring. The best news of all is that ankle boots tend to be less expensive than their knee-high counterparts, so you’ll be saving your bank and looking cute in this spring fashion trend!

High-Heeled Rain Boots

You heard right! The classic rain boots that we’ve come to know and love over the past few years are not being manufactured with high heels.

If you’re in the market for some high-heeled rain boots, try looking at the ones with the chunkier heels first, as these will likely be more stable in the mud and slop you’re used to plodding around in with your normal rain boots. Once you’re used to the added height, switch to the ones they’re making now with the stiletto heels for somewhat of a sexier look (how sexy can you really make rain boots look, though, honestly?).

High-heeled rain boots are really making a splash in fashion this spring – the ones being featured in some early spring fashion shows are even being displayed on a muddy runway! Sounds dangerous, but looks so cute.

Floral Boots

Not surprised to see that floral is back for yet another spring season? Neither are we. But this year, it’s not so much about a pop of all-around floral design on boots as it is about accents of color to otherwise ordinary boots.

Look for low boots this spring in neutral colors with small details of floral pattern – maybe on the tongue of the boot or in the detailing at the toe.

If you’re on a budget and still want this look, easy as this – take an old pair of plain boots, get yourself some floral printed fabric, use a super sticky glue to attach the floral to the parts of the boot you decide to enhance, and cut away the excess fabric with an exacto knife. Voila. Perfect spring boots from nothing!

Bright Colors

Whip out your new pair of bright blue pants, because now you can add a pair of hot pink boots to go with them! Yes, neon is making a comeback this spring, and may even be rivaling the springtime rein of pastel colors.

Look for boots in all kinds of funky colors this spring – from hot pink to lime green to sunshine yellow to fire engine red – you name it, there will be boots out in that color!

If you’re the type to keep dull colors in your closet, try going for something new this year when the sun comes back around and add a pop of color to your feet. Neon boots will be the perfect way to do it.

Moccasin Boots

They’re not quite moccasins, and they’re not quite boots, either. Moccasin boots are the perfect combination of the two classic styles.

They reach just above the foot, but not quite all the way to the ankle, so they’re perfect for wearing with any type of bottom.

These babies used to be made mostly with square toes, but for 2012, the general shoe trend seems to be leaning back toward pointed toes, so we may start seeing some moccasin boots cut the same way.

With heels or flat, moccasin boots can be a great accessory to a slouchy, relaxed look you’ve thrown together for a perfect spring day in the park!

Ashley Dean is a freelance writer who often contributes to fashion publications. She owns and operates her own footwear store in New York, selling everything from Wolverine boots to Louis Vuitton stilettos.

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