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6 Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

Many women find that on Valentine’s Day they enjoy disregarding their normal makeup routine in lieu of a more romantic look for this special day. Although the emotion of romance is responsible for putting a twinkle in a person’s eye and a glow in her cheeks, these traits can be enhanced using the following make-up tips:

valentines day makeup

Soft and Romantic
Those who wish to create a romantic, soft look for Valentine’s Day will find that light pink, apricot, or soft berry are the perfect shades for lips and cheeks, while yellow, beige, or even blue are ideal eyeshadow colors. For example, one can choose a beige shadow on the base of the lid, a subtle shade of blue for the crease, and a pale yellow on brow bone. When these eye colors are combined with apricot blush and soft matte pink lipstick the look is warm, romantic and inviting. The best eyeliner for this combination is brown or soft gray, as black will result in too sharp of a contrast and work against the soft appearance. Similarly, those who wear eyebrow pencil should choose a shade of light brown.

Smouldering and Sexy
Gray and deep pink work best for a sexy, desirable look that will make heads turn. The pink hue should be placed on the lid, with deep gray for the crease and a very pale gray or white shade for the highlight color. Red eyeshadow on the crease is also an option for those who are a bit daring. Deep black eyeliner works best with these combinations, and this should be followed by deepest black mascara. Bright glossy pink lipstick completes this look to perfection, and is a terrific choice for Valentine’s Day.

A Traditional Favorite
Smokey eyes are correct for virtually any occasion throughout the year. This look draws attention to the eyes in a way that cannot be rivaled by other options. Smokey eyes are created with grays, blacks, violets and browns in various combinations. To begin creating this look, a light charcoal shadow should be placed on the lid, beginning at the lash line and continuing upward to the crease. Black or deep matte gray should then be placed in the crease, and highlighted with a shimmery light gray or white shadow on the brow bone. As alternatives, one can create this look with dark green and gray, purple and silver, or chocolate and light pink. With this look, charcoal or black eyeliner and mascara is best, and lip color should be pale beige or frosty pink to complement, rather than detract from the smoldering eyes. For added glamour, lashes can be enhanced with an eyelash curler.

The Best Colors for Perfect Cheeks
It is important to choose colors wisely when selecting blush, as the hue chosen for one’s cheeks plays a bigger role than she may think in the overall result of the makeover. When selecting a blush for Valentine’s Day, it is wise to think rosy and light, but not overly dramatic unless one is planning a candlelight dinner. Neutral beige and soft pink are great choices, as are all shades of apricot as these hues impart a light, fresh and romantic look.

Essential Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick
Whichever look one chooses for Valentine’s Day, it will almost certainly benefit from a splash of red. Red lipstick is a timeless favorite that never goes out of style, and shades can be found to blend with all skin tones. Selecting the appropriate shade of red for lips is not difficult when one understands skin tones. Fair skin tones should be matched with shades of red that feature blue undertones. For medium skin tones, a brown based red is the best choice. Dark skin tones are best complemented by deep wine or plum tones. Those who do not care for red lipstick should consider a dark berry shade. This color adds a bit of brightness to virtually any skin tone, and is a fun and romantic shade to wear.

Practice Makes Perfect
Regardless of the which look one finds most appealing, it is a good idea to practice its creation a few days before Valentine’s Day so that one can be sure the techniques and color combinations have been mastered. Some women even try several of the aforementioned looks to determine which one blends most effectively with her hair, eyes and skin tone. Additionally, it is essential to avoid overdoing any particular look, as this will defeat the purpose for which it was selected.

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