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Best Oils For Hair

Last week, we looked at the best oils for beauty. Today, let’s consider the best oils for hair!

When a woman’s hair looks good, she feels good. There is a natural bounce in her step and a bit more sparkle in her eyes. A woman’s hair with its bounce and sheen can often be directly related to her attitude for the rest of the day. Hair, just like a woman, should be appreciated for its natural beauty. There are such products found in nature. Oils are a wonderful and often inexpensive way to restore hair’s luster without having it bogged down by chemicals. Fortunately, there are products available that enhance these natural oils. But what oils are the best?

Best oil for hair conditioning

5 Best Oils for Hair Conditioning

Here is a list of five essential oils found in nature that increase hair health and have been proven to make a woman walk with a little more confidence:

1. Avocado Oil: This natural oil contains vitamins A, B, D, and E. It also makes hair softer and stronger.

2. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil promotes hair growth and is great for the prevention of dandruff. Like avocado oil, it is great for strengthening hair as well.

3. Olive Oil: Olive oil is a miracle oil. Not only is it a low fat way to cook food, but it works with hair as well. It increases hair strength, promotes growth, and eliminates dandruff. Olive oil can also be used to prevent lice.

4. Castor Oil: This oil cleanses the scalp while moisturizing at the same time. It increases hair growth and prevents hair from falling out.

5. Lavender Oil: This oil can be found in many cosmetic and bathroom products, but it has many positive uses for hair health as well. This oil has a wonderful scent and promotes hair re-growth. It has been recommended for use by individuals with alopecia (a disease that causes hair to fall out).

While these oils are the most commonly used for scalp conditions and hair problems, there are many others that can be used individually or combined with others to tackle specific problems depending on skin type and ethnicity. When searching the internet for uses of products that include these oils,  beware of homemade remedies that could do more damage to the scalp. The hair and scalp are two very sensitive areas and need to be treated as such. The best way to find and purchase products that will benefit the scalp is to search reputable sites such as Beauty.com (link is to hair oil search there) for cosmetic formulas. We also love this list of bestsellers at Folica.  In addition, DHC  makes some great oil products for both hair and face.  Also, asking a physician or beauty consultant what might be the best for the specific needs of a scalp or skin condition could reduce the possibility of meeting with an unknown allergy.

Again, a woman’s hair is her finest accessory. She must treat it well in order to enhance the glow that Mother Nature gave it. Natural and essential oils are a healthy non-toxic way to recharge the glow of follicles and kick start a drab color. Natural and healthy hair will make a woman radiate confidence, move with grace, and flaunt the innate beauty that can often be hidden behind chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients.

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