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Fashion 101 for College Girls

Being in college makes it hard to stay in style. College makes girls want to put on their sweatpants, throw their hair up and forget about make up every day. Believe me, I’ve been there. College can really stress people out and girls probably find it difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends. For those of you overwhelmed college females looking for some new fashion tips, here is what I have found to be cute and easy styles to pull off.

Fashion scarf


The infinity scarf
Scarves are cute and practical especially for places where it is cold in the winter. The new fashion trend that has taken off everywhere is the infinity scarf. It is just like what it sounds. This scarf has no beginning and no end. It is one continuous circle that you wrap around your neck a few times. They are very cute, comfy and affordable.

Elbow patch sweaters
You may have seen this style in the past on older men and grandpas. Big chunky sweaters with elbow patches are no longer things of the past. They are now considered in style and very fashionable for girls. I wouldn’t suggest going through your grandpa’s closet to find these types of sweaters, but places like Forever 21, H & M, and Charlotte Russe all sell this hot commodity.

Tights used to be itchy and uncomfortable when I had to wear them to church as a five year old. Tights are a new way to spice up an outfit. Wearing a dress and tights is easy and also comfortable at the same time. Instead of wearing sweats, throw on some tights! They are a lot cuter than those old baggy things that I know you’re thinking about putting on. Don’t do it! Slip on some cute tights that have a pattern to them with a solid dress. I guarantee you will get a lot of compliments.

Lace-up boots
Boots have been all the rage for a couple of years now. This season, they have changed up the typical boot though. The newest trend with boots is the lace up. These boots are easy to throw on over jeans, leggings or tights. They have a lot of different colors but the most popular ones are brown, black and tan. I have a pair of beige ones and I wear them with everything. They are very practical in winter and they can dress up any outfit in an instant.

Lacy tops
Another item that I have noticed that has become quite popular is the lacy top. Long sleeved or short sleeved, this shirt is a really high fashion item. These shirts are really lacy and girls can wear a cute, colored undershirt to make the lace stand out.

TOMS shoes
I’m sure you have all seen and heard about these shoes. Apparently, every time a pair of these shoes is bought, a pair goes to a poor child in Africa who does not have shoes. Although TOMS can be really expensive, they are for a good cause. They are also very light and comfortable shoes that are perfect for walking to and from campus. These popular shoes are perfect for girls to slip on when they need to go out and walk around.


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