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Fashion Trends To Ignore This Spring

Just because a new style is trendy doesn’t mean that everyone should rush out to the mall to join in the fray. Some fashions are so unattractive on everyone except for that rare five foot ten inch stick-thin model that they should be relegated to the pages of fashion magazines and never attempted in real life.

Despite this, sometimes common sense gets overruled. This tendency is nowhere more apparent than in the spring when everyone is anxious to ditch the winter blahs and go for something new. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionable. Nonetheless, some styles are better off ignored. Spring 2012 is no exception. Here are a few things that are popping up on the catwalk that the truly style conscious should avoid.

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Spring Fashion Trends To Ignore This Spring

1. Neon. Wasn’t this big in the 1980s? Nothing screams “desperate for attention” like neon. These are the kinds of outfits that hurt other people’s eyes. Go with a rich jewel tone instead. They’re easier on the eyes and make the wearer look chic rather than hopelessly addicted to trends.

2. Bold floral patterns. They are cropping up everywhere: dresses, shoes and accessories. This little old lady favorite ages the wearer almost as much as dying hair gray and putting on support hose. Stick to something less frou frou.

3. Rompers. Seriously – didn’t everyone wear these in pre-school? Nothing can account for their resurgence other than a desperate desire to return to the days of milk, graham crackers and naps. High fashion it is not!

4. Fancy sportswear. The stylish individual knows that certain lines should never be crossed. Keep sportswear where it belongs – in the gym. No amount of “dressing up” the sportswear look makes it appropriate for work or anywhere else on Earth.

5. Cropped length tops. Few people have the kind of toned, defined abs necessary to truly carry off this look. A crop top never looks good when paired with belly flab and a muffin top. Calling undue attention to this problem area does not make it disappear.

6. Summertime leather. Leather is great when the weather’s cold, but as things heat up leather should be stashed in the back of the closet. Leather shorts? Go with khaki instead – it’s more comfortable and wearable in the heat.

7. Shoulder pads. This goes for any style that enhances the shoulders and makes the wearer look like they’re trying out for the Detroit Lions. Of all the physical features that could be enhanced with clothing, why the shoulders? It’s a look that died with the 1980s. Let it rest in peace.

8. Pajamas as formal attire. It may have been fun at junior high sleepovers, but wearing pajamas in public is just a fashion disaster. Leave the look in the bedroom.

9. Peplum dresses. Why accent the hips – a problem area for most women – when attention should be deflected instead? That peplum is not designed to camouflage anything.

10. Floral onesie. This is essentially combining the romper and the bold floral patterns. As if each one alone wasn’t bad enough.

Don’t be a fashion victim this spring. Choose fun trends that nonetheless incorporate a timeless sense of style to update a tired wardrobe and don’t hop on the bandwagon with unwearable fads.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the fashion, technology, and business industries for three years. Nicole decided to pick up some new clothes for the spring. She made sure to pick up some funny t shirts, jeans, and other tops for spring. While she was shopping she made sure to check for accessories as well. She decided to pick up some sunglasses to get ready for the good weather.

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